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News about Cozy... and that Fake FB acc

hey just want thank you all fo the help so far the Acc is still on but i hope that it soon will be closed

funny thing a other fac acc start to talking to me

here what he say and i answer

Prïñcêss Mølestïâ:
If you don't mind. I'd like to speak for the Admin of this page If I may. I do not think He claimed the OC as his own. Only posted it up. I'm speaking to Michael only for he seems to be the most reasonable here without the yelling and naming calling. The Admin is currently Away I've texted him about the account and the admin has not responded. Hopefully when admin gets the chance he'll take it down. I will get in contact with the admin again. But As said he did not claim that this was his artwork. Thank you for your time.

At.."sadie.celestia" he use the pic he use the Name of the Char so he use my Char ! I yell because i am angry about . It Not Show much Respect for "Realy cozy cotton " that he Grab her Upload Here and Act like he or she is this Char . He just Stolen it ! He Not Post just a pic of her he done far more .

Prïñcêss Mølestïâ:
Would you like to get Credit for all the hard work you've done? Because stealing is him redrawing her. Or writing on each of his photos "I drew this." On one of his photos someone asked did he draw this. He said I wish. Meaning he knows it wasn't his artwork and I'm sure you and him can work it out without all the anger. Okay?

I dont get what you try here ? It doesnt matter or make it in anyform better that he not say he dont draw her .
Why did he dont ask befor he done this ?
Than he and i dont have any Problem because i would never say give him the right to Rp as on of my CHars / Oc´s or even us my Pic´s
If he like what he see fine , make a link to the pic and say "i like that " but nur make an fa acc and let it look like he is"cozy" its simple i dont understand why you dont understand that this is wrong * look at you Acc* oo ... that explain a lot ....
See its my Char . i Buy the art . I am not ok with this hole thing . I want that all pics are removed . that is all

"without all the anger" = i think its my good right to be angry about that

so what you say to it ?
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Added: 5 years, 12 months ago
5 years, 12 months ago
another account that isn't even true to the one on Tumblr.com and I should know this cause I have tumblr and I follow the comic of Princess Molestia.

I would think that the admin's would put a stop to this seeing as its not allowed and such and I can trace most of the artwork back to you're FA and Inkbunny Account's. There is other artwork I'm trying to track down so i can let those that have the art know about the person stealing their artwork and characters
5 years, 12 months ago
You shouldn't explain it to a non-fury that detailed. List them your claims and it will be suffice:

1. Cozy Cotton is my (DrYurY or YurY...) intellectual property!
2. I paid real money for the artwork.
3. Not allowed anyone to post it anywhere.
4. Not allowed to anyone to draw Cozy Cotton, before consulting and getting an "okay" from me (YurY...)!
5. I want all Cozy Cotton artwork to be removed from Facebook!
6. You want to uphold the claim of ownership over your OC, so if this happens in the future, you'll request an "artwork-account delete" again for repeated crime!

That should be enough. You can also add, that nobody would like, if someone would steal their photos, of their kids, and post it as their own kids. This feels the same way, since Cozy belongs to you. Tell them, that seeing your intellectual property used without your knowledge made you feel emotionally destroyed, and you want that thief-impostor to be deleted!

I hope it will be resolved...FB is kind of slow, since I still can see that lowly person's profile. :(
5 years, 12 months ago
thank you a lot :( yeah i am not  going on to say anything .... its real sad
but i hope the best and i am less hurt than angry and ...ooh dont make a changeling angry even me ..hihi as a nice one can be realy mean ^^ nooo hugs for that ass ^^ hihi
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