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Art (please read)

Art is meant to portray a story, fantasy, dream or emotion and not to judge on the story, fantasy, dream or emotion. It is meant to give clarity to events. Its meant to explain threw images an event not to be politically correct, not to be nice, not to be socially acceptable but to be what it is. If we loose our ability to explain what we wish, what we want, or how or what we feel. We've lost our way as a society... as an individual... as a sentient.. intelligent being.

Art is art... isn't meant to say right or wrong. Art is our way to stabilize our lives, our thoughts, our existence. If you don't feel you need art whether its an image, sculpture, graffiti, music...a doodle you scribbled while bored.... A thought you had after a dream... a wish you had while daydreaming. whatever.

I'm tired of this rabble over porny art... normal porn, furry porn, bestiality porn, cub porn, Loli porn, why cant we have these fantasies? Who is it of you to judge me for what I wish is or isn't in my fantasies? Does my fantasies really hurt you? How?... The mear fact one or more loves another shows emotion, emotion shows art. We all came from a womb threw a vagina that at one point had semen in it.. If you cant deal with that FACT you shouldn't talk to ANYONE about the facts of life, cause life is now your fantasy world.

Every and I mean EVERY! god tells us not to judge others... So even if its wrong in your eyes, why do you? Are you really saying your thoughts are better than that of gods?

Art should never be limited for any reason... cause when it is. we effectively limit everything about ourselves.

FYI : Music has also been influenced by sex. Sex is a valid part of adult life... deal with it... embrace it.

For years Iv been trying to find the words to write. This is what I honestly believe... please respect that.
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6 years ago
sounds good to me.  There's nothing I can add to it.
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