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Will do:

Light kink/fetish (please clarify with me first, as I'm extremely uncomfortable with some of them)
Cosplay (game, animated, movie, etc)
Mild gore
Mild/Moderate Bondage

Will NOT do:

Any major or extreme fetishes. Sorry, just not comfortable with most of them x_X If you want though, you can note me and ask, worst that can happen is I'll say no ^_^

What is expected:

You are first and foremost a person to me, not a paycheck. I will always treat you how I wish to be treated, and I hope you would do the same for me.

I will happily communicate, notes, e-mail, IM, and if I like you enough, even text message. just understand that sometimes, things come up and I will need extra time, but I will always get back to you.

I prefer to work via stream, that way I have you right there for questioning and approval. If you cannot be around for a stream, that is perfectly fine, just be aware that if you can be on for a stream, I'm more likely to finish your commission in one sitting as opposed to 8...

While I'm streaming, please feel free to chat and ask questions, I have friends that hang out and watch as well, you can come and watch for any-all streams, not just yours ^_^ Want to see up close how I did something? Sure! Explain a technique? Gladly! I'm pretty derpy and will sometimes start making little goofy sketches in the blank spaces around what I'm working on that are related to what's happening in the chat. So approach with a sense of humor, and don't let Sora scare you.

I will always aim to please and try my hardest for you. I can work off a written description, visual is great too, but keep in mind, it's much easier for both of us if all the details are included so I'm not firing questions at you every few moments about details. I will not be happy til you're happy, and even then, sometimes *I'm* not happy and will fix things til I am lol. I don't accept half-assed from myself :<

On sketches, if you see something that is off or doesn't look how you wanted, please, point it out. I love constructive criticism, and sometimes I don't catch everything. In inking I tend to fix things, but once it's gone past there, add-ons are really difficult and often cannot be done x_X

Please provide a link back! I'm thrilled that you want to show all of your friends the art you just purchased, great! I'd just love a link back too so they know who you got it from so they can get their own. Word of mouth advertising is awesome. *thumbs up*

I reserve the right to refuse any commission for content or the way you treat me. If the commission is already paid for and I decide to cancel our agreement, you will be refunded the remaining balance, minus the cost of time and materials.

I also reserve the right to use any image that I have drawn in the creation of marketing and promotional materials.


I accept Paypal, credit, debit, check, money order or well-concealed cash. For the latter three, please get signature confirmation. Because money lost in the mail is heartbreaking for both of us T_T

For Paypal, you are paying for Time, not Art. So please check services instead of goods. Paypal's ToS forbids the purchase of adult materials, and I really don't like getting banned ;3;

For all commissions I prefer payment either before or after the sketch is completed to your satisfaction before I will go further into the process. I will also accept half after sketch and half after completion. I try to be flexible, and I appreciate that people get burned x_x

Refunds will be offered if I feel I cannot complete your commission in a reasonable amount of time or up to my own standards.

Etcetera, Etcetera, Etcetera...:

Anything not covered here that you'd like to know? Please drop me a note, IM, e-mail and I'll be happy to answer ^_^
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