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: Fox/Wolf [50%, first draft complete]
2. falconmage: lion/tiger [0%]
3. henkcobra: mouse/elephant [0%]
4. R.D. (SoFurry, Trade): Sonic/Tails/Shadow [2%, outlined]


Because I've never really tried writing for someone else, I wouldn't really be comfortable asking anyone to pay for me to write a story for them, but I figured a request or a trade for art or a story in return might be a good way to start.

So! If you have a yiffy short story idea you'd like to see written, consider me open for requests and trades! I can't guarantee how soon I'll be able to write it because I work 40ish hours a week and I'm usually pretty dead tired. And I do have other writing projects to work on. But I would like to try my hand at writing something for someone else :). If I don't think I can write what you're asking for, I'll tell you straight away.

Also, for the moment I'd like to avoid writing stories about anyone's fursona or already developed characters. I will definitely, definitely, definitely write to your tastes as far as species, appearance, personality, profession and any other relevant details, and this can be as detailed as you want, but I don't want to try writing someone's fursona into a story and just completely bungle their personality, what kinds of things they say, etc.

Things I will write/will try to write:


*Femdom (especially cunnilingus, pegging, foot worship, rimming, etc; though I've never actually tried any of these, and I am a bit nervous about writing about sexual acts I've never had any experience with, I love femdom stories and art)

*Pseudo-femdom with a cuntboi


*Pretty much any fetish you can think of (bondage, feet, verbal abuse, watersports, scat, breathplay, vore (especially anal vore)...)

Things I probably can't write:
*Female/Female (I'm not biased or anything, I just have absolutely no experience with this and don't think I can do an even passable job of it)

*Cuntboi/Cuntboi (Similar problem with Female/Female, I just don't know what a typical female/female or cuntboi/cuntboi sex scene would look like)

*Anything heavily involving boobs (Again, no experience with them).

*Babyfur or Diaperfur (Again, I don't have anything against any fetish, and have absolutely no patience for people who think there are "right" fetishes and "wrong" fetishes, but since I've never been into this one personally, I just don't know how to write it.)
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Added: 7 years, 3 months ago
7 years, 3 months ago
Well, to be quite honest, I adore your species theme stories. I was kind of thinking, if you wanted to, a Fox and Wolf story, with the wolf being a very submissive personal servant/slave to a fox Master. As a special reward for good behavior, the fox would grant the wolf a request. What I would love to see made of this would be a diaperfur/watersports/dom-sub type story, where the wolf would be pampered (Literally, if that brand makes them large enough for the puppy) after a bout of rough anal sex and a piss-marking, possibly with post-sex cock-cleaning and/or blowjobs. Perhaps the fox involving some of his siblings for sloppy seconds before the diapering, even, making it a half-dozen to a dozen foxes using that abused wolf-hole before he gets some much needed respite in the form of a very effeminate and sissy-like adult diaper.

Just my idea, and it would be diaperfur, not babyfur, so even though it would involve diapers to an extent, it wouldn't be a cub or underaged fur or fur playing as a cub and the diapers could very well take a backseat to the multiple foxes on one wolf sex slave with added piss-marking/drinking/piss-in-ass type stuff. Also involve the foxes reminding the wolf of his place as a slave meant to service fox cock any time his master demands.

Perhaps an old Celtic or Tribal setting to make sense of sex slaves and such? Just brainstorming here, but whatever you choose I know you can't go wrong (Jeez, I love your Species Theme stories already. I mean, really love them.)
7 years, 3 months ago
Wow, everyone who has made a request so far loves canines! xD ;)

Unfortunately because I don't have any experience with diaperfur, I really just don't feel confident enough writing it. Would you still be interested in the rest, sans diapers?
7 years, 3 months ago
Of course. It's not often that we see foxes domming wolves anyway, so that alone is rather hot in itself. Perhaps if the setting is celtic or tribal, perhaps the history of the wolf's subservience would be that he was captured and trained from adolescence as the personal servant of the shaman of the tribe, conditioned with tribal medicines and aphrodisiacs to enjoy serving foxes sexually?

If ever you do feel confident with diaperfur subject matter, I would love to see it regardless, but simple watersports and domination in this story would be golden as well.
7 years, 3 months ago
Hee, watersports would be golden ;).

I'll let you know when I'm able to get to work on this and keep you updated on my status as I go!

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