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Declaration on Circumcision

Revised 15 September 2016

I have finally generated the will and courage to come back to this journal entry and read what I wrote. Having written something three years ago alone would have made me hesitant because I frequently cringe at my earlier writings. However, this topic in particular I have an aversion to discussing or writing about, because it is a matter of sexual trauma for me in addition to it being a horrible thing to contemplate ordinarily. I am actually pleasantly surprised with what I wrote 38 months ago, and some fragments of my first version remain. I had intended to leave in a high amount of what I had written with some minor tweaking, but that just wasn't practical or desirable once I started work on this. In contrast with most other journals, there just isn't an overwhelming amount of stuff I have to say about this, as I do not have the will or emotional capacity to do a great deal of research on this past what I already did, and in this case I feel moderation is better.

It has been made painfully obvious to me on numerous occasions that I need a journal entry on this for social strategic reasons, so that I will both attract ideological allies and repel ideological enemies. I don't need to be expending my time and energy needlessly interacting with people beyond a superficial level I will end up disliking immensely for their atrocious ideology. Mental and temporal resources are limited and valuable, at least to me. However, I also want to attempt to cause a few people who are not with me on this to at least question whether their apathy or opposition is right. Unless one dismisses me as completely wrong and uneducated, people who are aren't infuriatingly apathetic are going to question themselves when they hear this and that, and perhaps they will try to confirm or refute various things I've stated. I expect this to occur rather infrequently, as Terrans tend to be stupid creatures. Many times in these sorts of discussions, you'll have apathists say even after the facts have been presented, "Ehh, well, it was done to me and I don't have any ill effects.", and moments such as that just reaffirm the stupidity and weak-mindedness of the average human. However, a select few will show a bit more intelligence, and I hope they come across this.

While I pride myself on at least attempting to be rational and level-headed on all subjects, I write this as a survivor of disfiguring sexual abuse. And, there is only one valid view of the practice of routine circumcision, male or female: it is a grievous form of sexual abuse. If you share this stance with me, great. If you actually want information on the subject to come to the only rational and ethical conclusion, fine. I understand some good people are not as knowledgeable about this as I am. I have no problem with defending my position with facts, as the facts caused me to adopt my position in the first place. If you are immune to reason and you deny I'm a sexual abuse victim, know that at the very best, I will silently and contemptuously tolerate you. You aren't fit to breathe the same air as I do, to be brutally frank. Unfortunately, if you're in the latter camp, you'd be in great company: many doctors in both the somatic and psychological fields side with you.

Now, a brief history of its explosive popularity here. From what I have read and remember, it was brought here from Britain. They had started doing it originally to prevent masturbation, and it was eventually exported here. The founder of Kellogg cereal around the turn of the century- and others like him- may have facilitated the rapidly increasing frequency of the procedure. He supported cutting pubescent children WITHOUT anesthetic if they were found to be masturbating, to traumatize them into ceasing (I was sick with rage when I came across that). There were probably other factors in it becoming nearly ubiquitous here, but I don't remember and don't care to look it up. I suspect that most males even back then continued to be sexually impure and masturbate even with damaged anatomy. As that fact dawned on people and society became less terrified by the idea of male masturbation (female masturbation was still icky and wrong, from what I've read), the medical community just so happened to discover all of these other benefits and preemptively treated issues to justify the practice in the past and future. Most of those benefits are unmitigated bullshit or a nuclear solution to a minor or infrequent problem. Of course, the practice started long before British people were a thing, for other reasons. The Jews and Muslims believe God commands them to, which is even more frightening and alarming to me. If one thinks God made us in His image, why would He want us to screw with that? I used to think they were worse people than the rest of humanity, but now I strongly suspect humans are inherently just as shitty overall and the Jews and Muslims just happened to embrace mutilation.

Recent medical advances and discoveries, combined with the mere fact other nations have very low circ rates and get along fine, have disproven most of these supposed medical benefits. Of course, the status quo is both more comfortable and more profitable for the medical industry than reform, so the rates of genital mutilation have fallen slowly here. People don't think about how incentivized hospitals and doctors are to continue doing this and present trumped up reasons for doing so. There's obviously the money they get for performing the "service", and they may or may not bother providing (and charging for) for anesthesia before committing the ghastly deed. Apparently infant foreskins have cosmetic applications, and such companies will pay for what would otherwise just be deemed medical waste and disposed of, which further incentivizes doctors and hospitals to do this. Of course, a very disproportionately high number of doctors are ethnically and/or religiously Jewish, and they obviously have a cultural impetus for perpetuating these crimes.

I'm going to go down the list of reasons people do this shit, beyond "I want my son to look like me." and "God tells me to do it." (I swear, people should never be allowed to have children if they are that primitive in mentality):

   From what I could gather, the only thing it is proven to prevent (excluding things which can be treated or prevented through other means) is penile cancer. Neonatal mutilation does seem to reduce the risk of penile cancer sharply, but the base chance of developing that is already extraordinarily low. It's not like Europe has an epidemic of it.
   There also was a supposed reduction in the transmission of HIV to males if they were circumcised, but those studies last I heard were contradicted by others, and lobbing off foreskin is a ridiculous strategy for controlling the spread of disease anyway.
   The hygiene argument is laughable. The foreskin before puberty is fused to the glans and thus isn't even an area needing much attention. After puberty it becomes fully retractable, and in fact when it's fully retracted it very much resembles a cut cock. It is VERY much accessible. Parents should be fucking teaching their children how to bathe properly, and people who don't shower and clean themselves despite the problems they will incur deserve what they get. No one should assume on my behalf I won't clean my dick.
   Related to the above, phimosis is a condition where it's impossible or painful to retract the foreskin past the glans. We have fucking urologists for older children and adults who think the default fucking solution should be circumcision. It usually requires nothing more than stretching over time, something which masturbation actually facilitates and thus should be encouraged as a remedy (there was actually some French doctor I read about who suggested this to male children with the problem since it was that effective). In more severe cases, there are surgeries short of full removal available, and I'm sure other tactics and items exist as well.

Conversely, here are the reasons people ought to be very adamantly deciding against it and siding against doctors who promote this:

   The foreskin and the frenulum it's linked to contain a substantial proportion of the nerve endings of the penis. The foreskin comprises about 1/3 to 1/2 of the flesh of the penis, protects the glans from overstimulation and keratinization, and adds additional stimulation with its gliding action during sex and masturbation. I want to punch in the face people who respond to opposition or outrage about this with, "It's only a flap of skin.", even after being told why it isn't. I don't know whether it's a defense mechanism against incurring trauma or they're just that stupid or both. Probably both. Refer to the doctrine of Terrans being inherently retarded.
   As I mentioned before, when this mere "flap of skin" is not present, the glans keratinizes to reduce its sensitivity to physical stimuli automatically. When people utilize an innovation called Manhood, or "restore" by stretching skin long enough to recreate a functional but inferior version of a foreskin (called "tugging" colloquially), the primary or sole reason is to dekeratinize and resensitize the glans by restoring that barrier between it and everything else. Tugging is a rather labor-intensive, frustrating, and very protracted process, and I just haven't so far found it feasible to even attempt this yet. Manhood can be used immediately by anyone, but there's a risk of losing it accidentally during normal movements, should be worn 24/7, and it must be removed before peeing and masturbating. And, of course, neither method can reverse all of the structural and nervous damage done.
   While it's a comparatively safe and simple procedure (disregarding how reprehensible and needless it generally is), and doctors are highly skilled at this from decades of disregarding medical ethics and reason, there are indeed risks, and babies have died because of this. Obviously this is a really awful idea for infants who have hemophilia, and doctors (and parents) often find out the hard way which males have that disease when they rip open and cut off their dick flesh. Of course, they do sometimes botch the procedure and cause another problem requiring treatment- if it can be fully rectified at all (there was a case where a boy lost his dick due to a botched circing, and doctors instead had his parents raise him as a girl whether he wanted it or not; he later killed himself). There is an assortment of various risks and contraindications besides that, I am sure, though none come to mind right now. Oh, yeah, occasionally the Jewish cutting ritual entails the guy sucking on the dick he just partially amputated, which has sometimes spread herpes and other diseases to the infant (yet people disapprove of my very virulent anti-Judaism...).
   Oh, right. There is a lot of psychological trauma as a result of this, at least for those who discover the truth (think they tell you how your parents and neonatal doctor fucked you over as an infant during Sex Ed?) and accurately perceive reality. There is also a great deal of time and energy lost from dealing with this emotional and physical trauma. Hope you can even find a therapist on the first try who agrees that you're a trauma victim.
   Oh, in case ALL OF THAT was not persuasive enough, here is a video of the procedure. I am not going to traumatize myself by reviewing it, but apparently it does a great job at demonstrating how painful it is for the baby. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDuDhkiDdns  

I have laid out my case for opposing routine circumcision, significantly better than the first time three years ago. If you feel compelled, you can research the topic on Wikipedia and elsewhere to confirm what I have told you and to acquire additional information. I think the only other cause I espouse with the same or higher level of fervor is eugenics, but I believe this one I argue and defend with a higher degree of vitriolic rage and indignation. I ordinarily really just don't have either the need or desire to know someone any better if they refuse to be with me on this matter, especially if they also spout off about child sexual abuse. I have no use whatsoever for people who oppose me on that, for religions and organizations that practice and embrace it, and the therapists who deny its savagery. Customs like this cause me to recoil at the notions of religious freedom and multiculturalism. We ought not be associating with these creatures at all, let alone grant them powers to do what they want to their children due to these abhorrent notions of liberty and misguided white/gentile guilt.
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