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Diapers are Not Sexy! D:

It seems to be something of a misconception, or at least, that I notice, that babyfurs are lumped in with regular cub porn and I feel this is a little bit too generalizing. I mean really. I realize from a legal standpoint they're both under the age of consent but that doesn't mean they're the same thing.

I find it irritating when artists often lump them together with their tags. They aren't the same thing, I wish people would stop acting like they are.

I don't have anything against people that like diapers or babyfurs or ABs, but it does make me feel a bit discouraged and even a little wrong to look up the tag "cub" and find it used in AB, Diaper, and babyfur porn. Personally, I think the only reason artists use those tags is so more people will look at their art, which doesn't make me feel any better because it's like they're completely discarding how the people of one of the individual fetishes might feel.

And it makes me angry to see the tag "babyfur" on porn that is clearly cub porn. I can't imagine the people that like that enjoy looking up the tag "babyfur" only to find generic cub porn. And because of this abuse of tags, using the "tag blocker" function isn't even accurate. For all I know, I could be blocking something I'd actually like to see without knowing it because someone thought it would be a genius idea to lump two things together that aren't even the same thing.

Besides, I actually feel a bit guilty when I see the tag in normal cub art. I know it's completely pointless to feel guilty about what you're attracted to, because you can't help it (I've tried) and it's better for your mental health to just accept it and embrace it, but the way I was raised leaves a nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach that I'm essentially more prone to pedophilia than anyone with a normal sex life. (And part of that is because of who my mother is, and the fact that I'm usually so inclined to agree with her) It doesn't exactly help me deal with that nagging feeling to know some people actually think that just because I'll look at cub, 'm also into babyfur. I mean honestly, that thought disturbs me. Just because I have a creepy fetish doesn't mean I don't have standards.

Here's the differences in these three conflicting fetishes (that I noticed) for reference:

Cubs are old enough to understand the world around them but are young enough to still have their innocence about it. They have no idea that sex is a serious matter. They might even view it as a game and are oblivious to the effect their naked forms might have on people, yet they're also aware enough to know it has SOME effect on people and they might attempt to stay nude to invoke that feeling to either tease an adult or because they think it makes them happy. They also might try experiments with other cubs out of curiosity, which might even invoke some confusing feelings within them, and, being curious as they are, this adds to the cute innocence of it.

Babyfurs aren't old enough to have cognizant thought at all. They're completely unaware of the world around them, or at least only aware enough to grasp the most basic concepts. Babies themselves rarely look beyond their own noses and haven't a clue about how to interact with adults or other babies. I can understand where this might turn someone on though. (I really do, I'm not just saying that out of respect. I have a pretty good idea how that might turn some people on, even if I'm not one of them.) Babyfurs are usually drawn in diapers, and while that's all fine and good for some people, not everyone who likes cub likes diapers. I find clothes of any kind impeding for my intentions.

AB stands for Adult Baby and quite frankly, putting the cub or babyfur tag on this is highly inaccurate. These are fully adult furs that dress up like babies and act like babies. That is definitely NOT cub. For one thing, even though they're dressed as babies, they're still adults. Fully developed adults with a fully developed body that produces very adult hormones with an adult brain capable of processing adult information. And even though they'd like to pretend to be an innocent baby, they can't achieve true innocence. (I really don't understand AB. I understand why people do it IRL, but why draw your fursona as an AB instead of going straight for the babyfur or cub? Maybe it's because some people want a baby with fully developed reproductive organs and I guess I can understand that.)

To see the cub tag in art of adult furs dressed as babies is also a little unsettling for me. I don't have a problem with people that like it, it's just that I don't think the artist tagging their art in such a way understands what the appeal of cub art is for people like me. For me, it's the mentality, the undeveloped innocence of it, more than the appearance.

It just seems so thoughtless to discard them all as the same.
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Added: 8 years ago
7 years, 12 months ago
I agree with you about the AB being put together with the others, it's not the same at all no matter what they look like.
I enjoy both cub and babyfur and i just skim through the unrelated results when using tagsearches, but cub shouldn't include AB at all.
7 years, 12 months ago
Yeah, it seems to me they don't share common characteristics (age) that would make the tag relevant.

Really, I think the distinction in babyfur and cub should be obvious. If it has a diaper, it's babyfur, if it doesn't, it's cub... I don't have a problem with what other people like but not everyone thinks diapers are sexy. (I'm a little bothered about them to be honest. They put me in mind of things like scat which I find highly disgusting.)
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