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Video game streaming?

So, later today I want to start a Wind Waker playthrough (I say start because it'll probably take a few days to complete, it's a long game) and after that, by popular demand (popular demand being Tweaker asking me constantly :P) I'm doing Mario Sunshine.

But after those two games, there are some others I can do, and I was wondering which ones people would be most interested in.

Cuvibore (gamecube game)
Spyro: Hero's Tail (multiplatform but I'll be using a PS2 emulator)
Hamtaro: Ham-Hams Unite (GBC game, note that I will do the GBA game directly after this one)
The Dog Island (PS2/Wii game, I'll be using a PS2 emulator)
Magic Pengel (PS2 game, note that I will do Graffiti Kingdom directly after this one)
Finny the Fish (PS2 game)
Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly (because it's fun to break)

Minor update: Fuck Dolphin, it either crashes or freezes for me. :l

And before anyone flips their shit about emulators, I own all of these games and either ripped them myself or grabbed a backup. (Yes, I do own a copy of Cubivore, no you cannot have it :P)

I don't mind suggestions for games to stream but I am both an extremely picky gamer with very specific niche tastes and will not stream any playthroughs of games with jarring graphical flaws in emulators. Jak & Daxter and Okami are big examples, although if someone wants to donate $300 for a capture device so I can stream them from the console, that's different.

Also: Sonic games are an instant no, unless it's Tails Adventures, which in my opinion is the only good one with Advance 3 at a close second. (inb4tsunamiofsonicfagrage)

One other thing I'm curious about is whether or not anyone is interested in playthroughs of games styled in the classic PC adventure format. Basically, stuff like Monkey Island or Myst (both of which I do not like by the way ;v) because that happens to be one of my favorite genres. Another thing I'm wondering is if people are at all interested in streams of indie games, some of which might be quite obscure. I'm curious because it's pretty well-known how strange my gaming tastes are, and sometimes I feel like games I want to stream are games nobody else has any interest in.

so yeah, thoughts?
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Added: 5 years, 7 months ago
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