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Birthday Tomarrow

Yup, Tomarrow I'll be another year older... physicaly anyways hehe.

Projects in works: no particular order

Preggy Kate

Nameless Slenderfilly tumblr

Ponytail Dash/Marecross Tumblr project

"All of Me" picture (It's a suprise)

Minecraft related works:

"Keep It Simple Shaped Models" mod, aka: K.I.S.S. 'M. Mod.
This is meant to be purely simple change of player models to give a more diverse appearance to servers and multiplayer games (will work for SSP) at this time though. In the future there are plans for expansion packs that will add new commands, animations, and blocks to minecraft, but those are optional. Model parts will remain to 6 sides and a single shape for each part (example, right breast is made of one block rotated and skewed but not breaking the 6 side limit), with except of the main body which will be broken down into a maximum of 3 blocks not counting breasts or butt.
Core models are:
1A.Default Male: regular minecraft model base with optional pecs block, 3D ponytail, and robe/kilt.

1B.Default Female: same as male with the robe/skirt except with breast and shirt top cover (like the hat block only for the chest), a higher set ponytail or pigtails.

2A.Advanced Male: More beefy looking (as beefy as simple shapes goes), more model parts then default.

2B.Advanced Female: More sensual looking (again as well as simple shapes allow), More model parts then default.

3A.Tank Male: all parts are scaled larger then default, 2.5 blocks tall, 2 wide, hunched hulk like appearance, thick arms and legs.

3B.Tank Female: more feminine version of a tank... not much more but enough to be obviously female.

4A.Lanky Male: 2.5 blocks tall version of the default male.

4B.Lanky Female: 2.5 blocks tall version of default female.

All model selection will hopefully be controlled from in game and save as a data file for each individual world save. This way if you want a different model in each world you don't have to constantly switch back and forth. Plus it will allow for servers to automatically assign a model to a player when they log in. Will require both server and client to have mod installed for it to be seen. Hope to have more in depth customization including a mix and match system in the future.

Right now I'm doing the modeling, I know nothing of java code so I'm going to have to find coders who know how to do it.

More Pony Models: an expansion I'm working on for the Mine Little Pony Mod. Will introduced models spicificly for: ponyspiders, fluffle ponies, Gryphons, Batponies, changelings, dragons, Diamond Dogs and any other model I feel needs to be included.
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Added: 5 years, 11 months ago
5 years, 11 months ago
5 years, 11 months ago
kikiki XP technicaly it's hatchday for me ^^ I did come from an egg after all. But thankies sugagummi ^^
5 years, 11 months ago
Egg or not you're my sexy Katie.
5 years, 11 months ago
hehe ^^ *nuzzles*
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