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100 Really Pervy Questions (for my O.C. xDD)

....I seriously can't believe that I did this..like..ermahgerd..it had to be done...x"DD But this is so for him... //shot then killed

I shall use my main O.C.....oh god..he's gonna like this a lot..I can tell...kekeke....

Sonnei:..I better like this..I'm sick of you using me in you memes and shit...I got that enough on DA....but now Tumblr?....bitch you crazy...



1. What tends to feel better for you? Sex or masturbation?

Sonnei:....Uh.. like masturbation during sex....xD Does that count?

2. Your 5 favorite spots to be stimulated?

Sonnei:...Neck, stomach (mainly), inner thighs, my sides and my ass. xDD

3. Have you ever had your prostate stimulated?

Sonnei:...Yes and it's so fucking awesome~ <3

4. Have you ever had an orgasm from anywhere other than your genitals?

Sonnei:..Hahaha..not that I know of...

5. Do you prefer clitoral or vaginal stimulation?

Sonnei:..B-but I'm a dude..// 3 ; But if I was a chick I guess vaginal.... :'T

6. Can you touch your clitoris directly, or does that hurt?

Sonnei:..Uh.....if were a chick....then...okay I can't answer this one. xD

7. Are you well-acquainted with your G-spot?


8. Are handjobs boring, or underrated?

Sonnei:....No they're good. :"T I love receiving them and scream like a little bitch most of the time. xD And giving them is fun...

9. Do you like having your balls touched?

Sonnei:..Eh..-shrugs shoulders-...I guess....

10. Do you like having your nipples touched

Sonnei:....Maybe..// w >

11. Do you like having your anus touched?

Sonnei:...I love it actually....I like to be teased a lot...

12. Have you ever been fisted (anally or vaginally)?

Sonnei:..I'm not a fucking cuntboy. xDD So anally. lol

13. Do you like mild roughness (scratching, spanking, hair-pulling, etc.)?


14.Do you have any kinks?

Sonnei:..Oh fuck um....masochism, sadism, asphyxiophilia, pyrophilia, stigmatophilia, necrophilia, and vampirism. :"T

15. Are you into anything under the BDSM umbrella?

Sonnei:..Um..it's kinda self-explanatory...

16. Do you pee in the shower?

Sonnei:..When I was little yes. xDDD

17. Do you ever masturbate in the shower?

Sonnei:..Surprisingly, no....x//D

18. Have you had sex in the shower?

Sonnei:..The hottest sex there is....I never get tired of it......ngh...so..fucking..steamy...and hot...and wet....-drool- Oh fuck yes...~

19. Do you like being naked?

Sonnei:..Every now and then...to show my sexy tan ass...// w =

20. Do you sleep partially/fully naked?

Sonnei:...I mainly sleep with no shirt but...eh...I like to let em all hang out sometimes...//shot

21. Have you ever skinny dipped?

Sonnei:..Hahaha it's so much fun~!

22. What’s the most unusual thing you’ve done nude?

Sonnei:...Do yoga...// _o;; It was very very awkward...stretching like that. xDD

23. Have you ever been to a nude beach, naked party, or other situation involving casual nudity?

Sonnei:...-turns red- Uh..no..and I really don't plan to...

24. Are you comfortable being seen partially/fully naked by family or friends (i.e. getting dressed, etc.)?

Sonnei: My husband and my boyfriends I'm okay with...but..anyone else.....would be just fucking creepy...

25. Are you comfortable with partners seeing you nude in non-sexual contexts?

Sonnei: Yeah..it doesn't really bother me...

26. Have you ever showered with someone (non-sexually)?

Sonnei:..Yeah. :T

27. Do you care if a partner sees you going to the bathroom?

Sonnei: Yes I care! // 3 - Even if you fuck around with me I need some privacy every now and then...

28. Do you have naked pictures/videos of yourself? If yes, have you sent them to anyone? Are they online?

Sonnei: I used to....and no...I got rid of them....

29. How many sexual partners have you had?

Sonnei: UH...-dark red-.....over....100? // _ o;;; (He's a demon. xD So he can do this shit.)

30. How often do you masturbate?

Sonnei: As often as I feel like it...simple as that....

31. Age you started masturbating? How did you discover/learn about it?

Sonnei: I think I started when I was 9? // _o  I saw my best friend doing it and I thought I would give it a try... :"T It felt weird the first time I did it..but then  it was pretty addicting after a while....

32. What position do you typically masturbate in (laying on back, on stomach, sitting up, etc.?

Sonnei: ...I like lying on my stomach...with my ass sticking in the air....like a little bitch...X//D You know you guys wanna see me do that...

33. Describe your masturbation routine, technique, etc.

Sonnei:..Do I really have to? // 3 ; xDD I don't feel like it....

34. What do you masturbate to (porn, smut, imagination, etc.)?

Sonnei:..Imagination for the most part...I love thinking about what my husband (or my boyfriends) will do to me.....fucking awesome shit...

35. Have you ever masturbated to the point you got sore?

Sonnei:..No, but I sometimes get sore while I'm being fucked. xDD

36. Your thoughts the first time you got up close and personal with the opposite set of genitals?

Sonnei: "Why does your pussy look all wrinkled and shit?" "Which hole do I put it in?!" xDD Yeah..I actually said that at one point...

37.Have you ever “compared” (genitals, breasts, whatever) with a friend?

Sonnei:...Yeah..when I was in high school...I actually compared my dick with his...he got mad...xDD He was jelly....-trollface-

38. What kind of underwear do you normally wear?

Sonnei:...Eh..mainly boy shorts or briefs... :/

39. Do you ever go commando?

Sonnei:...Every now and then...only when I'm at home...

40. Have you ever had a wet dream/orgasmed in your sleep?

Sonnei:...Oh god....a lot of em....the things I dream about in my sleep....<3

41. How big is your penis?

Sonnei:...Pretty big I should say..about...12in. maybe bigger? I haven't kept track....why...?

42. Does your penis curve at all?

Sonnei:...xDD What? Uh...yeah..I guess?....I don't feel like answering this really...

43. Which testicle hangs lower?

Sonnei:...-poker face- .....

44. How big are your breasts?

Sonnei:..HAHAH! You're funny....Sexy men like me have no breasts...do they? // 3 O

45. Do you have a long or short labia? Are they even or uneven?

Sonnei: Like I said..hilarious...xDDD //dies

46. Do you have a particularly large or tiny clitoris?

Sonnei:...xDDD -keeps laughing-

47. Are you circumcised or no? Are you happy with it?

Sonnei:..Of course I am...// 3 o Uncircumcised kinda creeps me the fuck out...

48. Are you turned on or off by foreskin, or don’t care?

Sonnei:..OFF. // _ e It's creepy! I prefer my men circumcised. xDD (He's bi if you guys should know...xD)

49. What are you more into (or like more about yourself), boobs or butts?

Sonnei:..I'm more of an ass guy...I like em nice and firm....-licks lips- // w e Considering that mine is nice and big...~ xDD

50. Do you find genitals physically attractive, or weird/gross, or not feel strongly either way?

Sonnei:..It all depends on the person imo...in all my life I have seen some ugly dicks and pussies...just saying....ew. Barf.

51. Do you like the way your genitals look?

Sonnei: Hahaa I guess so...xDD

52. Would you be able to pick out your genitals from a lineup?


53. Do you like your butt?

Sonnei: PFFFFTT! Duh~! My ass..is so fucking sexy! xDD And it's so fuckable...you know you bastards want me~

54. What do you do with your pubic hair (shave, trim, wax, nothing, etc.)?

Sonnei:..I can never grow any...xDD But if I could..I would probably shave....waxing might hurt like shit...xD

55. Do you care/have a preference what partners do with their pubic hair?

Sonnei: ...Okay...just keep it clean and neat okay? I really don't have a problem with pubic hair but just...don't have it all nasty and shit like that..okay? Seriously? Groom your pubic hair like you do with the hair on your head...

56. Do you tuck your penis a certain way (i.e. left or right) when you get dressed?

Sonnei:..Not really..as long as it's comfortable the whole day. xDD

57. Do you have or want any genital piercings? Do you like any on other people?

Sonnei:..Never in my life I would want any...and...I really don't care if they gets theirs pierced...

58. What is the quickest you’ve ever brought yourself (or been brought) to orgasm?

Sonnei:..Wow..um..there was a time when my husband (and others xDD) banged me so hard that I came like...a minute later? xDD It happened like..every two minutes or so? Shit was intense yo... :"T <3 Never felt so good in my life, bish~

59. Do you ever “edge” (repeatedly stop and start) when masturbating?

Sonnei:...It's best to do it like that. :"T

60. What’s the longest masturbation session you’ve had? Longest sex session?

Sonnei: For masturbation: I guess I could say 30 minutes...and for sex: ....WOW! Over 5 hours...// _o

61. What’s the most orgasms you’ve had in one session (of anything)?

Sonnei: Goddamn....I think....9..? xDD Every single one better than the last...~

62. Do your orgasms tend to be full-body, or crotch-centric?

Sonnei:..Always full body~! Immediately my mind just goes blank, my fucking legs get numb, and well...everything just shuts down in my body...xDD Best feeling ever...~

63. Spit or swallow?

Sonnei:..It depends..but most of the time I swallow....like the little slut I am...<3

64. When you ejaculate, do you more shoot or dribble?

Sonnei:..I always shoot. xDD It feels better to do that actually.

65. Is it hot or gross to get ejaculated on?

Sonnei:...It's hot as fuck yo.....<3

66. Do you “squirt?”


67. Have you ever attempted (or succeeded) to give yourself oral?

Sonnei: Pssh! No...I don't even wanna try...I'm really flexible but..no..just no..

68. Have you ever given/received a footjob, boobjob, etc.?

Sonnei:....No. // 3 o

69. Have you ever had sex in a public place?

Sonnei:...School counts, right? xD But no I've had sex in clubs and stuff like that...

70. Have you ever had sex in a bed/on a couch that didn’t belong to either of you?

Sonnei: Lots of times~! <3

71. Have you ever had sex/masturbated while somebody was sleeping near you?

Sonnei:...Sorta...but they woke up....and they joined in...xDD

72. How many rooms of your house/apartment/etc. have you had sex in?

Sonnei:...I guess...about all of them...except the home theater...that gives me an idea. xD

73. Strangest/most unique place you’ve had sex? How about masturbated?

Sonnei:....On the hood of my car...xD And..well...in my pool. xD

74. Have you had any sexual experiences that were downright gross?

Sonnei:...Oh god...I don't wanna bring them up...they were that terrible...

75. Are you particularly “vocal” when masturbating/having sex?

Sonnei:...I can never shut my ass up...I'm practically anyone's little slut when I have sex...x//DD I scream, moan, and whimper so much..it'snot even funny...and sometimes I even start talking in Italian from so much pleasure..xDD (His native language...x3)

76. Have you ever been caught masturbating/having sex?

Sonnei:..Masturbating: No...Sex:..Yes. xD

77. Have you had or do you want to have a threesome (or foursome, or more)?

Sonnei: I have had multiple threesomes...and well...xD I had one foursome. But I prefer three. xDD

78. Do you own any sex toys?

Sonnei: I own lots. :"T

79. Have you ever used a homemade sex toy, or a regular object as a sex toy?

Sonnei: Kitchen stuff...xDD

80. Can a dildo feel as good as a penis (assuming the person with the penis is good at what they do)?

Sonnei:..Eh...I guess...but I prefer the real thing...oh yeah I love the real thing~ xD

81. What are your favorite positions?

Sonnei:. Holy shit...um..xD I love the missionary, doggy (my all-time fave), cowboy (or whatever the fuck it is. xDD),and spoons position (xD)..I like more but I don't feel like listing them...

82. Your most embarrassing sexual experience?

Sonnei:..Oh god..the first guy I met...he was so fucking bad...I kept telling him to stop cuz ...I wasn't feeling the pleasure I needed! xDD

83. Worst place/time you’ve ever gotten a boner?

Sonnei:..Oh shit..I think I was at my best friend's wedding....I was the ring bearer and a few people in the front of me could notice it...

84. Have you ever had any genital injuries?

Sonnei: Nope. :"T And hopefully I won't have any in the future. xD

85. Have you ever had a sexually transmitted infection?

Sonnei:..After so many people I've fucked around with..none. xDD Weird huh? I guess I'm immune to them..

86. Have you ever had a non-sexually transmitted genital infection (yeast infection, etc)?

Sonnei:..Nope. // w .

87. If you lack a penis, have you ever tried to pee standing up?
It’s called hovering.

Sonnei:..How is that possible for me? xDD

88. If you lack a penis, how familiar are you with how you look down there?

Sonnei:..It would be kinda awkward if I didn't have a penis...xD

89. Do you think you’re “good” at sex, or your performance/skill could use improvement?

Sonnei:..Actually...most people say that I'm pretty fucking good. xD Most of the guys I meet can't believe how fucking tight I am..more pleasure for them. xDD And I know a few tricks up my sleeve...~ They just can't get enough of me~

90. Have you “sexted” (whether through text messaging or IM chat)?

Sonnei:..Lots of times...fun shizz...

91. Have you masturbated for or with someone via webcam?

Sonnei: No and I don't plan to..// H e

92. Have you have phone sex?


93. If you had the opposite set of genitals for a day, name 5 things you would do.

Sonnei: Finger myself, stick random shit inside of me (wait..I do that now. xDD), get people to lick me (xDD), I can't think of other stuff to do...since I do some of the same stuff now...xDD

94. What’s something you like about your body?

Sonnei: My sexy voluptuous ass....xDD

95. What’s something you dislike about your body?

Sonnei: Everything else...xDD

96. What body parts do you find the sexiest?

Sonnei: Neck, ass, abdomen, legs, and shoulders.

97. What was your most recent sexual thought?

Sonnei:....I seriously wanna be fucked so hard right now.....//I seriously do...//

98. Do you ever just play with your boobs, penis, labia, etc.?

Sonnei:...Maybe....why do you need to know? xDD

99. When was the last time you touched your genitals?

Sonnei:....Three days ago..xD

100. Do you often imagine people naked?

Sonnei:..Just the guys I fuck around with~ ;3 -wink wink-

I SERIOUSLY DIED WHEN I DID THIS! XDDD Omg...I'm going to hell! Whee~~!!! //shot then killed..AGAIN! |"DDD

This was normally posted on Tumblr but I thought I would share it on here....oh god...//in hell or heaven xDDD
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