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Preview Week!

So, it's E3 week! Many of you are busy comparing PS4 and X-Box1 (psssh, X-Box de-volved :p ) While I'll be just looking at Wii U games, because I already have my next-gen system (and I have a whole 5 more games than I see on either system's launch window that I want. so there!)

I'm taking a little vacay from writing this week for my sanity's sake (I'll never manage to concentrate with E3 happening) So, in order to feel like I'm doing something, I'll do my own previews! I've got a few things I could talk about... upcoming story projects for the next year (or two) So, starting today, I'll give you a little info on some of them. Something for my watchers who couldn't care less about PS4 or X-Box 1 to read about.

This site gets different info from FA, so visit both sites to hear about everything. Here on IB, I'm gonna talk about stories I've already posted on FA but not here yet. Like Nintendo saying "We're releasing Star Fox 64 3D! It's totally a new game!" Yeah, these journals are totally inspired by E3. I'll start by talking about a little 5 chapter story I wrote in 2009 based on Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood; GeneX Chronicles: The Twilight Cage.

Anyone who played the game will start by saying: "5 chapters?! But the game had 10 chapters/episodes!" I wanted to get through that story quickly, because I felt I was falling behind on things I was trying to work on. But yes, all 10 game episodes are represented, as the story is split into sub-chapters. Like with Soleanna Struggle, we follow the GeneX cast as they embark on a separate adventure taking place with The Dark Brotherhood as a backdrop. Kosmo the Morph encounters a mysterious second Morph named Nova, who has the ability to transform into pure liquid, which Kosmo cannot do. Meanwhile, Punchy encounters Shade of the Nocturnus. Our heroes journeys take them from their home dimension into the mysterious Twilight Cage, exploring via a ship called the Tsunami and searching out mysterious objects called Twilight Shards.

Unfortunately, as players of The Dark Brotherhood know, the game was "To Be Continued", so the story was as well. Technically, GeneX Chronicles: The Twilight Cage is a non-canon story in the GeneX series due to Dark Brotherhood never getting a sequal. However, I will be posting the 5 chapters here anyway, for posterity, just in case I ever conclude the storyline and make it canon. It will be posted this summer, after Soleanna Struggle is ended. I hope you'll look forward to it if you liked Sonic Chronicles.

For the rest of this week, I'll talk about other stories as well. I'll talk about the current state of my adult stories (with apologies, probably), GeneX: the Series, 2BIT & GeneX at the Olympic Winter Games (another oldie), and possibly either this year's Halloween Special or a little story called Chaos Hearts (a GeneX and Kingdom Hearts crossover that I attempted before and cancelled)
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