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Anthrocon 2013

This will be my first furcon, so be gentle! o.o
Will update this journal if I think of anything new.
So, who else amongst my watchers plans to go?

What days will you be attending?
Every day.

Where will you be?
Wandering about the show floor and attending panels that interest me.

What do you look like?
Male, 5'8", lean build, blonde, ponytail. Shocking, no?

How do you want to be addressed?
Ramz/Ramzy/Ramzuu is fine.

Who will you be with?
Not sure yet! I'll likely gravitate between people and groups.

Can I talk to you?
Of course. But keep in mind that unless we've chatted for more than 5 minutes in someone's stream then I probably won't recognize you or your character.

Can I touch/hug/kiss you?
Only if I recognize you and we already know each other really well. I'd rather not be glomped by someone only to say, "Who are you again?"

Are you taken?
Single and not actively looking, but certainly open to any prospects. Oh and to my gay friends… despite some things my 'sona does, I'm only interested in girls iRL. Terribly sorry!

Where are you staying?

Do you take commissions?
Nope, and please don't ask. Those will be announced in a FA journal, and it won't be first come first serve. I don't know when/if they will open. No special favors just because we met at AC.

Will you have merchandise or goodies?
I might bring along some early prototypes of the koi t-shirt I want to get rid of if anyone's interested. (giveaways to any who ask) Let me know in the comments because they'd take up a good deal of suitcase space and I want to make sure they'd find a good home. Sizes are M and L.

Will you have Art in the Art Show?
Nope, but I might have some sneak previews of a big project I'm working on.

Do you do requests/free art?
Nope, I'm also not very fast at drawing so quick doodles in others' sketchbooks aren't likely to happen either.

Are you going to have a sketchpad or tablet?
Not sure yet. We'll see if Amazon delivers the Cintiq 13HD in time. Failing that, I might carry a small Intuos tablet and my laptop (if I feel comfortable hauling around $2000+ worth of electronics). If that won't work, perhaps some paper and pencils. I'm very much out of my comfort zone when it comes to traditional media.

Do you fursuit/costume?
No suit, but I have the same koi t-shirt that my character wears.

Can I talk about/do drugs, smoke or drink in front of you?
I don't do drugs or smoke and would prefer to not be in anyone's company while they engage in it, nor is it a conversational topic I'm interested in. Drinking is OK, just don't go overboard with it.

Can I invite you out for food/fun/etc?
You can ask, sure. But keep in mind I'll be more inclined to hang out with those I know already.

Can I take pictures with you?
Would rather not, sorry!

Can I hang out with you?
OK, this is a tricky question! There are a lot of people I want to meet, so I wouldn't absolutely count on becoming my "con buddy" for the entire show.

How can I contact you online?
Twitter or IM is the best way. I'll keep 'em on the whole time. I'll check on FA (notes) periodically but there might be a lot of delay with those, so notes aren't ideal.
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