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Flat coloring pictures

-=Coloring of art=-
-I have a High Preference to Nightfaux and Synxirazu-niam's art as these were the ones I started off practicing coloring art off their works but I will color any art
-I currently refuse to color art by
, this is for personal reasons
-I'm an active believer on the artist has the rights to the art, if you wish to have the art colored still even if the artist refuse I'll have to say please go elsewhere
(no you cant Betawolf me and try to pay more to make me do work. unlike those who did buckle under that technique, i'm not an person living from commission to commission.)
--That means you have to have the artist permission to have the art colored by someone else, you dont own the art, the artist does.
-Understand that I cross post art on FA, IB, and SF, if you wish for your art to not to be posted on the other two please tell me
-The Complexity of the character is base on my views
-I can do also porn but wont do deep fetish stuff, I'll have to see the image to determine if I can
-I go one picture at a time, meaning you cannot get another pic colored till the one you asked before it is done.
(special note): Some art I color I did for free due to I ask the artist directly of something they did themselves

Due to a change of things with the Idola clan and a major discussion, they have asked me to switch to a tip base system to be more respectable to artist.
What this mean in simple terms? Since unless I partner with an artist, I technically should not be getting paid to color art that was done by them. It means now all art colored is free if ya just want the short answer. It would be nice to send a small tip though

Now since all art is free, I need ACTUAL directions if not rules.
--To get art colored for free I need a VISUAL out in the open ok from the artist to have the art colored
-This mean on the submission itself I need the artist to say its ok for someone to color the art for you may it be on a post you made on said submission
-they artist may note me (this account please) stating its ok for the art to be colored and if they are generous to give me the original Photoshop file or SAI file with their watermark on it or as a seperate file
-They make a comment on this journal under your request saying its ok

--With it all being free I have to keep a limit on how many times you can request
-That means at least 7 days have to pass between your requests
-you can get TWO requests if you happen to wait 14 days
-It builds up the longer you wait, 1 request for every 7 days, maxing out at 4 requests (28 days)

--There are things I cant color cause I dislike touching these kind of things
-Ref shee type art...dont do it cause I dont have the livestream power to do these kind of art
-Orgies...cause IF I do happen to agree to color this, its gonna end with me then telling you "You may now NEVER request from me again till next year" to spite you
-Dirty sketches, I wont touch these no more, if theres too much sketchiness I wont do it
-art where the character dont have colors picked yet...yea...dont give me these cause I my whole issue with me and colors working together kicks in when you tell me em.

Please leave either a comment in this journal or in a PM for a request
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