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One honest question.

It's been grating on my mind for a while now...

Why are so many furries drawn in the "toon-ish" style of WB/Disney anthro? Or at least, why are so many furries drawn with only four fingers?

Or rather, why are there so few anime drawings of furries?

Maybe it's because furries originate in America and their influenced by our culture. (If Americans can be considered to have a culture.)

Or... Do people actually prefer that style over anime to such the majority that everyone needs to draw in it, to the point where a lot of furry art looks nearly the same?

Honestly, every time I look at the Latest pages, or on the pages of other art sites, I have to ask myself if it's generally agreed on for most furries to draw in this style, or rather, if it's actually looked down on to draw anime.

The sad thing about it is, I really hate that toony style. It doesn't look very cute to me, honestly, and I think anime does a better job at looking cute.

What's more frustrating is that every time I go looking for cub art, it seems like it's all drawn in this WB-ish style, instead of anime. And that might seem a strange complaint, but look at shota and loli, two clearly Japanese forms of pornography, so why doesn't a lot of cub art resemble that?

That didn't make much sense to me either, but my line of thinking is that this kind of porn is more encouraged in Japan than America. America barely even has a defined style of porn for this sect of fetish outside of "It's child porn, go to jail", so where is it that someone draws the conclusion of toony WB style characters to cub porn? Wouldn't it be more logical to adapt something like shota to cub porn? Things like Tiny Toons weren't perverted in any way (Unless you like BDSM) so why is this style favored over anime?

It saddens me to think of how much of a minority I am in a fandom I thought I had general agreement with. My thinking when I joined it was "People who like the idea of anthro", now my thinking is "People who like the idea of WB/Disney style Toon-ish anthro" and being that I absolutely hate that toonish style, I can't help but feel alienated.

I don't fault the artists for drawing what they like, but there's just so much of it... And there isn't a whole lot of what I like. All of my characters have always been anime-inspired, my fursona came from anime inspiration, but sometimes I have to wonder if I'm the only person, or at least the only American that has done something like this. Everyone else seems interested in only making their characters "Toony".

At the very least, I wish people would draw their characters with five fingers instead of four. I understand that most animals have four digits but those animals are also missing a thumb and I find something confounding about adapting one of those digits to be a thumb instead of its intended purpose. Why don't people draw their characters with five fingers anyway? Don't you have five fingers? People are taught to type with five digits, you play the flute with five digits (coming from someone who knows how to play the flute), along with several other instruments. Anthro is often depicted in a human world and in a human world, everything is suited for five digits, not four. And the only reason animators draw their characters with four fingers instead of five is because it's cheaper.

I understand that it's easier to draw five fingers instead of four but doesn't settling for what feels easiest make anyone feel lazy?

I know some people do it because they prefer the look of paws which seems like a conscious design choice to me, I guess, but that doesn't stop it from confounding me why so many people choose only four digits. Where that idea came from is beyond me.

I'd love to ask every individual artist why they do it but I get the feeling some people might take offense to that.

This feeling comes out of bad personal experience.

I asked someone, a long time ago, why they drew in that style on dA. I guess they took one look at my avatar and decided to start railing on anime and praising Disney/WB for not looking so samey all the time (Which isn't true, by the way), and I really don't feel like reliving that.

This incident repeated itself in varied ways. It's made me wonder how many furries have a bad attitude toward anime.
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Added: 7 years, 11 months ago
7 years, 11 months ago
I share the same thought... However, too badly, everyone here is grown up with Disney/WB...of course everyone (starts to) watch more anime after their kindergarten, but still :V

I also think anime is marked as art which needs more work to draw by most people...
7 years, 11 months ago
Possibly. I prefer it over Disney things, anime seems to go out of its way to look cute. Disney/WB seems to go out of their way to look stupid and/or goofy, and goofyness doesn't have a big appeal for me. (Never really has, I like things like plot structure, or at least for things to not be complete nonsense like a lot of WB cartoons where someone's injured and comes back 5 seconds later fully healed or whatever.) Their expressions bother me, too. They never look cute to me, but I define "cute" as "big bright eyes and small mouth and nose", and WB/Disney characters have insanely big mouths and eyes that aren't shaped in a way that looks cute...

Plus, it doesn't make sense to me why people don't draw their characters with five fingers instead of four and why they don't draw eyecolor, eyecolor is so essential to a character's personality. A character's look should resemble their personality. This doesn't work for real people, but the look of a character's synonymous to their personality in cartoons.

Heh, I got in an argument with my mother about why anime is so much better than our stuff (Our modern stuff like Chowder and Fairly Odd Parents which are fucking AWFUL cartoons) and she said the reasons I prefer anime are shallow. :V Mostly because I want characters that are supposed to be cute and innocent to look cute and innocent because I don't want them to be ugly if their personality is appealing. I'm mostly referring to Tails though and how he looked in the American cartoons. His personality was perfect in SatAM but one thing that stopped me from liking him was not only that he only had four fingers and no eye color but that he looked so goofy instead of cute. (And again, by "cute" I mean "big bright eyes and small nose and mouth with big pupils.")

To make a character look less appealing, you give them smaller pupils. :V American cartoons don't seem to get it though because the characters in AuStH had fucking tiny pupils, even the ones that were supposed to be cute. Their looks didn't match their personality and that really made me hat them more than like them. :V

Also I tend to avoid/not favorite art where characters only have four fingers. I don't like it, I don't wanna see it, I won't bring it up to the artist because I'll probably get some bullshit about how Disney did it so that makes it cool or something and I really dout I'll have any luck convincing them that it's actually lazy to only draw four fingers because the only reason animation studios did it was to save on money and have less to animate (Which is  totally lazy), but I won't encourage it at all. I'm highly against it, it ruins a picture for me. :l
7 years, 11 months ago
I dunno. Because the situation drawn is unrealistic, i think it's not a big issue if the paws/hands have 3, 4 or 5 fingers.

However i agree most chars of Disney/WB look (too) goofy that they gonna bore soon or that their acts are almost expectable, thus also most of the jokes.

Also, imho Disney/WB series is just to entertain people, anime is to tell a story which (most of them) could happen in real life and could give people another perspectives into the community...

7 years, 11 months ago
Yeah, I kind of agree with the story-telling bit. There are some anime that are simple but the media as a whole seems so much more canon-driven than our cartoons. Not to mention they seem more keen on focusing around mythology (even if they do often distort it from actual mythology. DBZ is based on Chinese mythology with a lot of creative liberties.) and they also include more political affairs (even if they are fiction) which helps the world building. But this is coming from someone who likes things to make too much sense. :V

The humor in these cartoons is very predictable. The same can be said for anime as well, but the fact that the focus of Western cartoons is the humor (whereas in anime it's usually more about the action) is what makes the predictable humor so much worse. There are cartoons that have clever writers (The writers of Futurama are pretty clever) but unfortunatel, most of the media is the same reused jokes with some controversy and pop culture sprinkled on for flavor and it gets tiresome pretty quickly IMO...

It doesn't bother me if a character has paws for hands (Well, it does, but for a different reason) and only has four digits because the creator wanted to be logical, it only really frustrates me when someone draws human hands that are missing a finger. In that style, even the humans are missing a finger. I guess it could be mildly excused for animals but humans?
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