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I'm going to try this and see how it turns out. Prices are subject to change as I see fit, but I want feedback as to whether or not these prices are fair. Also this can be considered a rough draft. If anyone wants to offer any help as to what I could add or alter to make this process easier for both the customer and myself I would be very grateful.

If you would like to make a sexual appearance in one of my ongoing stories then I will need:
(please note that I will be trying my best to capture the personality of the character you allow me to use, so any details about them are helpful.)
1. A description or ref of your character as well as a list of their likes and dislikes, and a description of their personality.
2. Five dollars for the first character and two dollars for each additional character, max three, per scene. Payable upon completion through Paypal.
3. What sexual acts you would like your character to be involved in, and which character(s) of mine you would like to be with.
4. Any other details you think I should know.

If you would like me to write an entirely new story from scratch, then I will need:

1. A description of what you would like me to write about and how long you would like the story to be.
2. The maximum will be thirty dollars for a story filled with details settings and an actual plot, to ten dollars for a short sexy story that will be good enough for a quick fapping. The characters can be of your own design, but will cost an additional two dollars per character. If you do not want to pay for them, then you can pick species, sex, and personality of up to three characters as well as their relation to each other and they will be free. The price will be negotiated after you choose how long of a story you want and what you want it to be about.
3. The sexual acts that you would like.
4. Any other details you think I should know.

The things I will write about comes out to too long a list to type out, so I will simply list the things I will not do.

1. Vomit
2. Scat
3. Farting (I will do skunking and scent marking though)
4. Necrophilia
5. Harming animals
Other than those, I will write just about anything. If you manage to find something I do not like, then I will politely tell you and offer a compromise. Not to mention add it to the list. ;3

For a reference as to the max length you can expect, here is my longest posted piece, https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=408881
And for a short story, one of the first three chapters from this will be what you can expect, https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=377895
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