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tomb raider/Far cry 3 , buy or don't buy?

Ive gotten a bit of spending cash to buy myself a new game.wanted to get a new shooter, something long lasting, entertaining preferably with a decent online multiplayer and a campaign at-least just as good. i heard that the campaign for  both far cry 3 and Tomb raider were amazing, same with there online multiplayer , but i can not decide between the 2  (>' ^ '<) and the map maker for far cry 3 has me jizzing in happiness but i hear alot about it not working with most owners of the game on PC. also i play on PC with a  "sexbawx69.0" controller(aka xbox360controller)  cuz' i suck at KB&M.
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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
I'd say regardless of what you get, wait for the steam sale. The summer one shouldn't be too far ahead.
6 years ago
I concur thatd be the smarter way about it. that way you could prob buy both since I hear Tomb is kinda shit.
6 years ago
buy tomb raider. :3
6 years ago
It's pretty cool at first. but there are big battle parts that are just kinda' crap with how Re;Tomb Raider, and I don't think the replayablity is all that great.

I've tried the Multiplayer, and it's rather lackluster. Even seeing a big guy like Jonah jumping around being badass isn't going to help.

I don't know about Far Cry 3, so, what Retrospecter said basically, since they apparently have a lot of simularities and all.
6 years ago
I actually got far cry 3 for free, and I have to say that I would have bought it in a heart beat if I knew how good it was. Also, don't get it through steam, because you STILL have to play it through uplay, so it's two DRMs running at the same time, which is stupid.

I don't know if you really have the money to afford it, but if you do, Far Cry 3 is worth every penny. It's probably the best single-player experience I've had since Dark Souls.
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