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Scraps, and randomness

Just in case your wondering why my gallery is suddenly a bit smaller I just put everything with less than 4 favorites in my scraps section.  Looking at them yep I can see why they're all pretty unpopular, bunch of weird requests, some experimental pics and an overall lack of sexual content, makes sense lol.

In other news MORE CUB PORN is cumming... coming.. fluids!  I know you people want it, you sick sick people lol.  Its cp you know, a thousand babies die every time I open photoshop, here look at this chart, it has statistics, also I watched this one movie.  FACTS people, I have facts.  What are we talking about again?

No I haven't been drinking, its just been a slow crap day for me, stupid work.

Oh and uh, I like feedback so if theirs any particular type of thing that I dunno people want more of, leave a comment?  I'm thinking of doing some kind of comic thing with Anna, perhaps I'll write a basic story tonight for such a thing.
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Added: 7 years, 9 months ago
7 years, 9 months ago
hmm whats your option on happy tree friends? like giggles. every wher i go on the web im finding little to none on giggles. but hay just a thout. ^^_
7 years, 9 months ago
I loved that show but eh the character designs don't really interest me. Not much that can be done with them which is probably why there's very little of her.

I wasn't really thinking of doing some more fanart-ish porn either but I'lI look in to some other cartoons with furry or other types of anthro / semi anthro characters now that you mentioned it, save me having to invent my own for a while lol  
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