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Everybody Loves Jackasses, Hates Good People

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic's first two episodes dealt with a villain named Nightmare Moon. She turned out to be Princess Luna, Celestia's little sister. After she was dealt with and reverted to her super-sorry younger form, she disappeared and did not appear again in the first season.

A lot of people hate her.

This reminds me of another sympathetic female character, who was transformed by hatred and malice into an evil giga form, defeated by the hero(es), and reverted to a cute(ish) little girl, who regretted her actions and tried very hard to be nice when spoken to, and who everybody hated immediately.

Her name was Cynder.

I've noted that this hatred is in direct contrast to the extreme popularity of other depressing, emo-ass characters who do the same level of fucking up or suffering, such as say, Leon Magnus or Asch the Bloody, but who constantly act like complete douches as a result of their problems, rather than trying to actually amend something.

Asch, by the way, is more popular than his nicer, arguably crybaby "brother" of sorts, Luke fon Fabre (main character of the same game), who is otherwise identical to him. Luke starts the game as a total asshole just like Asch, but changes later and becomes an arguably good person. Luke's initial whining bitching jackass form is more popular.

So I've come to the conclusion that people only like suffering anti-hero characters if they lash out irrationally in response to their emotional problems since by some hideous mental blunder this is considered "mature". Leon and Asch are both complete assholes, who are constantly rude to everyone around them, usually with the exception of one person. In contrast, Luke, Cynder, and Princess Luna show regret for their past actions and attempt to be nicer people - and everyone hates them for it.

Tales of the Abyss also had a character named Tear, who completely locked her emotions away in the first place and bitched out anybody who fucked up the slightest bit. This was almost always Luke, due to his being extremely immature and naive for much of the game. Tear was really popular - with the men for her stupid boobs, and with the girls because she was a (laughable failure of a) BIG STRONG WOMAN.

Do people really immediately freak out that the humble atoning characters are "crybabies" and think they're childish? How is this more childish than throwing tantrums and pushing away everyone who has simple, obvious answers to your problems? Do you think it's "mature" or "powerful" to constantly complain and bitch and attack everyone who contradicts you, rather than show modesty and humility and attempt to help the people you hurt in the past?

What are you making up for? What is missing in yourself that makes you so attached to a character who spends all of their time violently overcompensating and showing absolutely zero character depth, while fearfully pushing away characters who actually improve from the experience of their mistakes and misfortunes?
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7 years, 7 months ago
It's a base impulse. Perceived weakness is shunned, even in situations where it shouldn't be.
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