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And now for something completely different...

I have been keeping up with a few different tumblr posts as of late.

No I don't have one myself cause I don't wish to make one. So instead I have been watching through frosts.

Granted kitty has alot of naughty stuffs that gets posted, but I actually have been keeping up with one person's posts.....or should I say pony's posts.

I have been reading the Discorded Whooves tumblr and I have to say it is rather very well thought out.  A perfect blend of story adventure and insanity here and there.  That and the doctor is one cheeky naughty bugger in that.  I get a good laugh now and then of the stuff he does too.

Then as I read it up to date, I came across other ones that I took an interest in, such as one lovely little pony who loved the idea of cutting herself and self pain to get herself off.

That lovely beauty went by the name of Lil Miss Rarity.  Now I have to admit its been a rather interesting deal for her to stay her generous self yet have a fun little painful twist to her nature.  And to make things more interesting I have watched this video that started it all.


Thanks to the one on here named

I mean sure I also had been keeping up with the naughty ways of Princess Molestia and Gamer Luna as read and dubbed by him as well, but for the lovely Rarity, or should I say Mommy as she calls herself, I fell in love wit the tattoo idea she gave herself.  Or rather The branding tat she gave herself.  I mean I love tattoo's of the designs and such and how well it shows.  Might even get it as an actual tattoo at some point myself.  and I mean with needle and ink not a brand.  :)

Reading up all the different tumblrs has been interesting to say the least.  All the grimdark ponies are really interesting to read up on.  And the stories are even more complex and worth reading.

Sometimes I do wish that someone would make a tumblr gmod style of them.  I would seriously love to see that and see just how good everyone could make an art in SFM with those.

Well for now this tiger is hitting the bed.  Take care and pleasant dreams all ;)
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