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Freedom Fridays - cheaper for you, lotsa fun for me ^^

I just had this crazy idea:

Once a week, i could do this thing where I'd get paid $5 or $10 to include your character in whatever I'm working on. This doesn't mean the person gets to say what they want their character doing though, which makes it different from a regular commission. Their character will essentially be my slave on the canvas. I may draw them doing something they wouldn't normally be doing or maybe something you wouldn't even like. It might be painted, it might stay a sketch. It's a gamble ^_^ And that's why it's so cheap.

Multiple people could chip in at the same time when this is going on. Which means your character could get mixed in with somebody else's or even my character or a character I just feel like drawing that day. Your character will get drawn at least once, that part is for sure. How they'll get drawn, what they'll be doing, and how many times they'll appear is totally up to me though - hehe, hence the freedom part of freedom friday.

In short, you can say it's like a character lotto. But instead of getting nothing, you'll always get something, just maybe not what you expect *giggles*

What do you guys think? Sound fun?
While you consider that, here's some music for your listening pleasure ^__^
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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
Not a bad idea. Looking forward to it. :3
6 years ago
I want in.
6 years ago
*as do i*
6 years ago
That sounds fun.
6 years ago
heh sounds fun to me
6 years ago
Hey you know what, count me in for it.
6 years ago
When I get extra bucks... I'd be glad to join ^^
6 years ago
I'd be interested if I weren't really selective about the kind of art Tweaker's in. I'm sure this works out for a lot of other people, though! :3

I should also note I'd be more interested if the idea were brought up in advance instead of being a complete surprise. Most of the time I'm okay if people draw my character in a situation of their conception if I okay it first--just a personal boundaries sort of thing. Does that make sense?
6 years ago
I understand ^^ That's why I mentioned not having a choice in what situations they'd be drawn it.  For me personally, I'm not sure if I'd want another artist doing whatever with my own character, especially if I didn't know them or their art. So, it's cool Tweaky ^__^
6 years ago
6 years ago
Hehe, this sounds like fun  ^.^
6 years ago
Seems like a nice 5 buck offer.
6 years ago
sounds great, im in :3
6 years ago
Sounds like a very interesting innovative idea ^^
6 years ago
I really like the wing-it/free-range style commissions, which are much the same sort of thing. I might be interested in this.

If it works out, maybe think about offering full commissions of this type where it centers around the character(s) paid for. Just a thought. :3
6 years ago
What's one heck of an idea. 0.0  Count me in then, I wanna see how this goes. ^^
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