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Random stuffs~

Hey everyone (that reads these)~

People have been asking me if I'm opening for commissions and other people are saying I should an stuff. But I'm not sure. What do you think? I don't think I'm good enough yet to charge people for art. Plus I feel really bad charging people for art, so prices would be the most awful thing ever to do..  I should probably wait till I'm more confidant in my art. So... I'll probably never be open for em xP

In other news, though the above wasn't news.. why do I keep doing that..
I digress~

Why am I typing and leaving this stuff in? x.x
Effort to backspace, though it's more effort to keep typing...

Uh, what was your first fursona? Did you always think you were gonna be what you are now?

See I found a profile I had from about 2010, I think, on this Asexual website and I was all like "I haven't decided on my fursona yet, but it'll probably be a squirrel, cos dem tailz!" and uh... Toan is kinda like a squirrel.. in a not at all like one kind of way..
So yeah, firstly I wanted to be a squirrel, then I was in love with skunks but was like "nah I'd never have one as my fursona, the tail would be so hard to bring around in a fursuit".
The one that was actually going to be my fursona was a buck called Hunter. And he actually was my sona for a little while until I discovered I couldn't draw buck ears x3
Then Toan came along, name totally not stolen from the main character of Dark Cloud. See I'd seen this really adorable tiger in this show on some kids channel and I was like "Tiger!" and then I made a tiger x3
Though his ears are so not tiger ears.. I just wanted fluffy things.. x3

People used to think he was a tigger cos I kept double tapping 'g'  x.x

So yeah, glad I'm a tiger now though, it worked well, I still would like to have a buck character but them ears.. ruining my love for bucks x3

All the lurv an stuff~<33

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Added: 5 years, 10 months ago
5 years, 10 months ago
You should totally open up for commissions OwO I want one~
But yeah, the backspace button is all the way over there so i can see why you dont wanna press it. So much work X3

(You know all this stuff already) But my first fursona was actually a wolf but there were alot of those so i decided against it. (that and i couldnt draw muzzles right Xp) Then i was thinking bunny but...nah, im not really a bunny, then I choose a cat for awhile, but then one day when i was (re)playing TLoZ: Majora's Mask, i saw a keaton and thought it would be cool to have a keaton fursona since i didnt really see any others :3 So yeah ^w^ I made him red and changed the patterns though because i like red and because i didnt want nintendo to sue me if i used their concept.

Toan as a tigger would be uber adorable, you should draw that one day X3

Bucks are cool though, you should practice drawing the ears so you can make a cute buck character :3
5 years, 10 months ago
I'd feel bad charging though x.x
Just bug me about it and I'll probably draw it at some point xP
You open for commissions so I can get one!

I know right? It's like above the enter button we use to go to another line, effort to make finger move 2 centimeters higher, so unnatural like!

Oh that was the mask in Ocarina! it was a keaton! OoOoOo. I've never played Majora's Mask, I want to, but the moon is scary, but the Zora guy looks awesome. And the uh.. can you be a deku kid or something? that guy looks cool too, the plant one x3
I so don't know all this information from a conversation last night xP
But yeah, you woulda been cute as all of em, but Keaton suits ya :P
CrimsonBunnyButt, sounds good too though x3
Actually that sounds like you've a sore butt..

Nuuu, effort to draw it x3
One day... maybe~

They're super awesome and cuddly and other stuff xP
5 years, 10 months ago
Id feel bad if i bugged you for arts though Xp But i am open for commissions, its just that no one wants one :p

Yeah yeah! that was a keaton too. You should really play majoras mask, its really awesome :3 And yeah, you start off as a deku kid. You can be a goron too! The game is kinda eerie at first so dont play in the dark x3

Crimsonbunnybutt does sound kinda weird *uses it as an alias somewhere* >w>

If you do draw one i know its going to be cute *nods*
5 years, 10 months ago
I'll commission you! Draw me this CrimsonBunnyButt we speak of!
Seriously would like to commission you though, hmm how bout we commission each other with the exact same price so neither of us pays so it's basically an art trade but not? x3

I'll play it when I visit xP
Or if I can find it online.. I don't know where my N64 is, I think the wire thing is broken.. Sounds like the best time to play it ^^

Best alias ever, you so should~
5 years, 10 months ago
If someone asks you for a commission the best thing to do is offer the art and let them make a small donation or not.
If your really not sure your work is worth anything, and it likely is already, then just do art like you are and when someone comes around and want to pay you let them but instead of saying I want this much let them decide.  You'll find that you really may find those interested enough in you artwork that they really want your style for themselves and will pay. (Of course this leads to all the no pay and stuff but if you truly don't want to charge then the option and bad feeling should all be on the commissioner.)

As for the rewind button......  Well I started out long ago about the time pokemon and digimon first came out although I had not found much of the furry community back then I did think of myself as being something different.
These were evident in my screen names at the time being pokemon or digimon based until I though of something awesome.

"Puss 'n' Boots."  A cleaver tom cat who has all the adventures..... sadly though every single person though I was female :(
"KingofCats"  Great name and I furplayed on many of my gaming sites back then which were mainly msm and things but I found out I really didn't feel very catlike although I had a high facination with them.  I rolled thought several quick names and landed on.
"Catprowler"  Back then my password was squirrel.  A creature I had come to like and find a kinship with.

I ran again through all of my my sites, back then I was an avid runescape player, and began changing all my names on sites to Catprowler.  I did my best to find and at least say hello to cats, kittens, leos, and anything I deemed worthy of being cat. (Thus I prowled for cats)

Although I have changed a bit the names stayed the same and the character behind developed.  Squirrel.  

Anyway have I rambled?  Maybe.  Sadly though it seems there are other people who now copy my name.  There are a few sites where I have to stand as Catprowler12   on yahoo and other spots but as for the original that is ME for more than twelve years.. Probably more but I don't feel the need to count.    To end Names and Species are personal and tend to evolve unless you happen to split and become more than one.  It wasn't until recently that I have a true picture of what I feel I should look like even though that has only changed slightly I think after many years I know exactly who I am.
5 years, 10 months ago
Good idea!

Hehe, wow you've been around forever xP
Feel free to ramble as much as you want, rambling is what journals are for! And important stuff.. but pfft!

Those were good names though!
Names are really hard to come up with like~
You must be on a lot of sites! Changing it on all of em sounds like a pain, I tend to have random ones and then I forget them and can never get back onto the website x.x

It's really awesome that you know who you are now ^^
I guess it's true that everyone changes a lot, it's just kinda what happens, and coming to terms with changes can be hard sometimes. But ya, sonas changing a lot isn't really a bad things. It just means you're altering it to better fit you. So yeah.. hehe ^~^

Thanks for the comment~<3
5 years, 10 months ago
i don't even...
i love you toan.
I know what you are.
You're like a male dora the explorer after some sort of severe... head injury...
i think you're great.

My first fursona was a... well... oddly enough... a muscle cub :p
a lion muscle cub x'D https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=176368

But then i was like
o'ld on a minute...
dalmatians are exactly like me... you never see a dalmatian say no...
if you walk up to a dalmatian and you say "Do you wanna do this?"
they will always go "DEFINATELY!"   they're the most enthusiastic... creatures on the planet .. =]
5 years, 10 months ago
Hehe, I love me too ^~^
I'll take that as a compliment, since she talks to inanimate objects, repeats stuff constantly and thinks people are answering her when she's just talking to herself. So her with a head injury would be a good thing xP

I think you're great too~ Really nice~

Ohh, a muscle cub sounds strange, he's cute though.
Dalmatian does seem to suit you better ^^
Hehe, that's a good way to think of em, also they're adorable so extra points there~
5 years, 10 months ago
Hey, yeah maybe you should charge and if you feel bad on charging you should make the call on free for friends and maybe a cheap price as it is...*shrugs*

Yeah.. Imma fox never changed! Everyonce in a while I think about being a raccoon.. but since my spirit animal is a fox, I tend to stay the way I am :D

If you really want to know in the past I had multiple personalitys... so I think I can get other fursona's to match them... but I donno some of that sorta frightens me! =o.o'=
The only thing I'm really scared of is myself after all.

Anywho stay you and go with what you feel like inside =^.^=
5 years, 10 months ago
I was considering doing like $5 or something and people can give more if they feel like it, that's like 2-3 euro or something, so it wouldn't be much but hey I draw pictures all the time at the moment and like, I don't get money for it. So if I charge cheaply then people can get what they want and I get a little something too which can go into that PC fund which I should really start and then lock it away somewhere inaccessible...

Foxes! Dem tailz! >:3
Raccoons are so cute~ The little mask things and them tailz also o:

Oh that's kinda cool though, a friend of mine has this DID thing which is like that I guess. It seems a little scary having to deal with it though, you're really strong to get through it! Having fursonas for each is a cool idea though ^~^

5 years, 10 months ago
*huggles back* Yeah, being part Native American I think helps me a bit I mean it's because that part of my blood is how I seen my spirit animal... then I also have German, and Scandinavian (Viking) blood being a mix mutt as I am haha.. X3

I need to continue gathering funds for my comp as well.. collecting is really slow for me it's been over a year. My job hardly gives me anything because of other bills I have.

*my big fluffy fox tail flicks around* =^.^=
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