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Youtube is full of Trolls/also update on WIPs

If you do not wish to read a rant, please skip to the bottom of this journal for art related updates and projects.

Disclaimer: This is a rant. It is not meant to offend anyone, nor is it meant to complain in earnest. It is purely my way of letting off steam by publicly ranting about what's bothering me. I only ask that if you read beyond this point, you understand i'm not looking for criticism or allies. I'm just ranting for the sake of ranting.

Today i was reminded why I don't comment on youtube videos unless they have direct relevance to something I did... like my 16cubed build challenge that one gamer recorded their attempt.

The reason I refrain: Youtube is full of trolls, and commenting on any video by a famous youtuber (in my case a Sips and Sjin Voltz episode) is bound to draw at least a few out.

Basically in this episode they decided to use a US Army shout for a joke about having to say something when entering their base after they started quoting a line from the Eddie Merphy rendition of the movie: Nutty Professor... now what I wanted to help them with was let them know that the shout they wanted to use was Army, they believed it was Marines so I just wanted to be friendly and make the correction. I was in Marine Corps JROTC program in high school so it was a bit personal as well to let them know about the mistake. Yes I know their Canadian, which is why I bothered to correct them in the first place. It's one thing for an American to be ignorant about it, they had their chance to learn and didn't pay attention. But those outside the US don't normally know these things so it's good to help them, just as I expect that if I commented about another country someone from there would probably correct me if I got something turned around like that.

However my spelling issue came up and I spelled Correct as Currect, which could easily have been just a typo. Mind you I didn't say I had misspelled it or gave any notion that it was anything more then a typo, but that's what 9 different trolls assumed, and one was dumb enough to also think that JROTC was a game. oO seriously, they couldn't just google it first? Besides, I've never heard of a game called: Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps.

Mind you I only just learned about these coments while I had posted the original hours ago. I'm not dumb enough to feed the trolls but yah, it was a rather obvious reminder of why I don't coment on youtube videos.


Ok, now for the real nit and gritty:

WIP: Eggbelly kate: Still unsure of where to start but I think i've finaly settled on a pose at the least... though still trying to figure out what to use as a treat to be snacking on.

WIP: Candy Corn Final: ... I still can't seem to settle on a specific pose or doing a character sheet.

WIP: Anthro Candy Corn: only a few incomplete rough sketches done.

New: Deep Seapony: the seapony equivalent of a batpony, used to living in the dark depths these seaponies can't be in the brighter shallower water without eye protection, their most noticable for little lights along their body and a "Fisher Lure". Normal Seapony body otherwise with spiny fins and a batpony like head with slitted eyes. Friendly and usualy obsessed with jellies. The first one I'm doing is a seapony version of my ponysona Candy.

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Added: 6 years, 3 months ago
6 years, 3 months ago
Trolls exist but are inconsequential.

Oooh, Eggbelly!  ::so wants::
6 years, 3 months ago
hehe ^^
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