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The Whatever The Fuck It Is Meme

Jacked from
...what a surprise.

1. Last inbox:

2. Last Kiss: On the lips?  Never.
3. Last Text Message: Me informing my brother about a fitness center adjacent to my workplace that was on fire.
4. Last Song You Heard: "Black or White" by Michael Jackson
5. Last Time You Cried: 6 to 8 years ago, give or take.
6. Best Friends: RobotSpacePenguin and Neoyggdrazil
7. Tell Everything To: Pretty much every one of my friends on Skype.  Fuck my family.
8. Birthday: January 8th.

... ... HAVE YOU EVER;
9. Dated Someone Twice: Nope, not even once.
10. Been Cheated On: Never been in a serious relationship, so no.
11. Liked Someone And Regretted It: Quite a few times.
12. Lost Someone Special: Who hasn't?
13. Been Depressed: Not that often, actually.
14. Cried Over Something Stupid: Can't remember the last time I did.

15. Black
16. Green
17. Red

18. Made A New Friend: Yes.  Several.
19. Fallen Out Of Love: Nope.
20. Laughed Until You Cried: No.
21. Met Someone Who Changed You: Yes.  One person.
22. Found Out Who Your TRUE Friends: Most definitely.
23. Found Out Someone Was Talking About You: Yes.  At work.

24. How many people on your friend list do you know in real life: I have never met any of them in person, but I want to.
25. How many kids do you want: Zero at the moment.  I'm a bit of a pedo (in thought, not in action)
26. Do You Have Any Pets: Yes.  A male Jack Russell Terrier named Spinnaker and a female Italian Greyhound mix named Sookie.
27. Do You Want To Change Your Name: You wish!  I love my name!
28. What Did You Do For Your Last Birthday: Went out for some BBQ.
29. What Time Did You Wake Up Today: I didn't sleep.
30. What Were You Doing At Midnight Last Night: Playing Warriors Orochi 3 on my Xbox 360.
31. Name Something You Cannot Wait For: To move out of my parents' house and have my own place to live.
32. Last Time You Saw Your Mother: An hour ago.
33. What Is One Thing You Wish You Could Change About Your Life: Never need medication or sleep.
34. What Are You Listening To Right Now: "Push It" by Static-X
35. Have Your Ever Talked To A Person Name Tom: Yes.  Tommy Simms aka toonsfox.
36. Who's Getting On Your Nerves Right Now: My entire family.  They don't accept me for being bi, and the fact that they shoved me into therapy upon coming out and having a lewd pic of myself revealed to them only cements the proof that they're all homophobes who can't accept me for who I am. -_-
37. Most Visited Web-page: Beefalotoons.com, Inkbunny.com, Youtube.com
38. What's Your Real Name: John Christopher Snyder
39. Nicknames: Johnny, Johnny Boy, Johnny Discord, MrJohnnyHavok, Darrell, The Bisexual Bastard Prince of the Metalheads
40. Crushing on: Sabrina Alberghetti aka Sibsy.
41. Zodiac Sign: Capricorn.
42. Male or Female: All man, baby.
43. Write Whatever You Want Here: Slash rules! \m/
44. Long or Short: You talking about my penis?  I'm pretty short.  Means I can fit into lolis easier. :3
45. Height: 5'6"
46. Do You Have A Crush On Someone: Again, Sibsy.
47. What Do You Like About Yourself: I kick ass at my job, I'm a superb writer, I'm a pretty solid singer, I have a photographic memory, I have an iron stomach, and I possess superior reading comprehension.  Yeah, I think I'm pretty awesome.
48. Piercings: Don't have any, but I think I want one.
49. Tattoo: I have none, but I think a want one or a few.
50. Right handed or Lefty: Right-handed, but I can still pimp slap someone with the left. :3

51. First Surgery: Never had surgery.
52. First Piercings: Never had a piercing, either.
53. First Best Friend: Elementary school.  We talked all the way up till we graduated, and we still say hi to each other since then.
54. First Sport You Played: American Football, but I hated it.
55. First Vacation: Out of the US?  Playa del Carmen, Mexico.  It was about average.
56. First Love: A classmate in junior high.

57. Eating: Nothing.
58. Drinking: Nada.
59. I'm About To: Play Warriors Orochi 3 some more.
60. Listening To: Silence.
61. Waiting For: My little (furry) sister to respond to me on Skype.

62. Want Kids: Kind of, but I'd want to have sex with them, so it might not be such a good idea.
63. Get Married: Yes.  By a Justice of the Peace, not a priest.
64. Career: A managerial position in retail while doing indie game development on the side.

65. Lips or Eyes: The eyes
66. Hugs or Kisses: Hugs.  You get to fondle each other.
67. Shorter or Taller: Don't matter.
68. Older or Younger: Younger.
69. Romantic or Spontaneous: Romantic.
70. Nice Stomach or Nice Arms: Love me a nice tummy.
72. Hook-Up or Relationship: Relationship

73. Kissed a Stranger: Not likely.
74. Punched someone: Yes.  I socked my bully in the face back in elementary school.
75. Lost glasses/contacts: Nope.  I always know where they are.
76. Killed Someone: No.  But I've thought about doing it countless times.
77. Broken Someone's Heart: More often than not, my mother's.
78. Been Arrested: No, and I hope I never will be.
79. Turned Someone Down: In terms of?
80. Cried When Someone Died: Never.  I don't cry at funerals.
81. Fallen For A Friend: Eeyup.

82. Yourself: Hell yes!
83. Miracles: There is such a thing as a shot in the dark, so yeah.
84. Love At First Sight: Of course.
85. Heaven: I have no fucking clue.
86. Santa Clause: Used to when I was little, stopped believing when I became a teen.
87. Kisses On The First Date: Only if my partner wants it.
88. Angels: A bit.
89. God: Doubt it.

90. Have You Been Embarrassed Before: Who hasn't?
91. Did You Rap/Sing Today: both, Yes.  I sang some W.A.S.P. songs in the shower.
92. Have You Ever Cheated On Somebody: Nope.
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