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OOOOOOOO Skullgirls has reached $400,000+ already and it's still growin! We got ourselves some Squigly and dat Leviathan whom btw are going to be voiced by Lauren Landa(Voice of LItchi from Blazblue) and fucking LIAM O' BRIEN(voice of War from Darksiders) Just...all my love, and now we get BIG MOTHER FUCKIN BAND? My heart is all a flutter.

Quite possibly one of the most stylized, inspirational, and characterized fighting games to come out in a long time is getting so much love, from the fans, the artists and animators, the Designers and the Voice talents. TO me this game represents where the game industry needs to go, were it's a perfect blend of good game design with Artists leading the foreground. Hell the voice actors themselves are willing to record extra comical DLC packs(Which will be free) at certain amounts as well, we're already getting Republican Double(SHE GONNA TAKE YOUR JOBS), Robo Ms.Fortune(BEEPBOOP MEOW), and Cristina Vee is going to be doing a Female announcer pack, with Salty Parasoul and Derkwheel as packs to come up if they make more.

Seriously guys...I know I rant abotu this shit all the fucking time, like a broken record, it gets tiring and I know it, but a game like this just touches me in all the special right places, it's such a dedication to not only people like myself who play fighting games but it also is such a great contribution to Artists and animators. So please if you even just have $1 to spare give it up to these guys.

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Oh mai =o
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