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I swear I'm an adult.

So, at work a few days ago, a co-worker found some candy-bags (mixed lollies and all that) and brought them into the lunch-room, asking if anyone wanted them. I was surprised to find myself saddled with them, and even weirder...

I realized that I hadn't had a candy binge in far too long. Not even... a single candy. Or anything.

Where it gets truly weird though, is when you consider I've recently been getting kinda over alcohol. Yeah, I know, my friend's dad already asked if I was going crazy, that joke has been done.
So it turned out what I really needed and wanted the last few weeks was a freakin' candy bar. And not chocolate, no, I mean good old bright green and red and yellow sugary bars of indefinable substance.


Anyway, went out to play a game of laser-tag with my friends. As in, the serious shit -- as serious as laser-tag can be, especially since half the people there were in the military (note: no I'm not in the military myself). We had camouflage gear, "replica" firearms and all that, and we played out in a bushy field.

You know, dashing from cover to cover and all that. Cover in this case meaning sparse bushes and filthy dirt. Crawling along through the underbrush. In snake territory, in snake months.

Because, you know, we're Australian and all that. Fuck snakes, mate, we punch out crocodiles whenever we need new shoes for pub night. Venom? We drink VB and you think we give a shit about neurotoxin?

So that was really awesome. Got to play Soldier in the dirt, my feet and hands especially are still black, and yeah... my team dominated all four games. Ironically, I wore American digital camouflage because I wanted to bring my own gear. It worked very well, actually. Either that or the enemy team had no idea what the hell cover and stealth was about. Got the drop on a lot of them.

The cool thing is, I'd never done it before. It was genuinely quite a bit of fun. Though I like firing actual firearms, I'd sooner stick to the toys unless there's a good reason.*
So it was a fun game. I dunno, am I regressing or something?

Incidentally, I have the utmost respect for people that "do this sort of thing for real." I have several friends in the military, some of them having seen combat in Afghanistan and Iraq. So no, I don't believe playing laser-tag in any way trivializes what the men and women in uniform are doing out there in the real world. Shit knows I couldn't do it as well as them. (In short: IN B4 ANY POSSIBLE HATE.)

* -- as in, with regards to pointing them at living things.
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Added: 7 years, 12 months ago
7 years, 12 months ago
Much Love  <3
7 years, 12 months ago
why the hell would anybody with a brain hate on this :3 it's a joyfull example of everything those soldeirs fight to allow you to do. X3 and candy and playing are awesome.

wise words.

We dont stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.
7 years, 12 months ago
Shit, as an acquaintance of mine says on another forum: "You didn't grow up, you just became tame." XD

But you never know. Some soldiers, usually ones that HAVEN'T been deployed, can be ridiculously sensitive, as is what happened today there. We were cracking jokes (um, we do that a lot, we're Aussies) about Afghanistan and a RESERVIST who hadn't even seen combat tries to give us a stern talking to. It's like: Yeah mate, I know this is just a game, and even if I wanted to I couldn't join the military. I know people who got injured when deployed to Iraq; this isn't the same thing, and if I was going to say that I could do their job, then I'd join up, get the training and prove it. I haven't said that, so I haven't joined up and I haven't got the bloody training! X3
7 years, 12 months ago
as far as im concerned if your buddies who HAVE been deployed think it's funny, then the reservist is a damn moron. X3
7 years, 12 months ago
LIES.  You're not an adult!  You're a ten year old trapped in a <insert your actual age here> year old's body!  <3
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