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TMI Tuesday: Afon Glaslyn

Okay so another TMI Tuesday has come around and I've decided to do a personal fave char of mine and one that seems to be getting quite popular.

She's a river shark from South Africa who's family moved to America in her early teens.

Afon Ref SFW - Tsampikos by Rakai

Her Natural Element - Afon - DaedalusUI by Rakai

Afon's answers will be in Light Blue
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Added: 6 years, 2 months ago
6 years, 2 months ago
Afon is it? That's an interesting name. So tell me do you prefer guys or girls as partners?
Any preference as far as species goes?
Favorite position?
Favorite color?
Do you like flowers?
Do you like to have sex on land or in water more?
6 years, 2 months ago
Thank you I've always liked it it means River in welsh. I've been with more boys than girls though I don't know if it's really a preference so far as I've had more opportunities with guys. Well for sex.... I really like species with knots... *blush* As far as a position I really like cowgirl. My favorite color is blue.... though green is a close second. I like some flowers.... though alotta them the smell is just too strong for me. I really like how much more I can move in water plus the thing I have to wear on land to breathe can be a little uncomfortable during sex.
6 years, 2 months ago
Afon, you definitely have given me a new appreciation for aquatics! *gives an appreciative look up and down your sleek curves* Thank Rakai for me for letting me have the chance to ask you some things, as I definitely think we're going to get to be pretty good friends. (And damn that old bear for asking the juicy questions while I was writing...)

1.) Favorite meal?
2.) Do you prefer one partner, or to play the field?
3.) Any particular kinks or dislikes?
4.) Shame on Corm for omitting herms on his m/f question. What are your thoughts on them?
5.) Do you like giving oral? Getting oral? Anal?
6 years, 2 months ago
Well I'm glad I've given you a new appreciation for us

My favorite meal... hmn sushi prolly As you could prolly guess I'm a big fan of fish in general but I think sushi is my favorite it has such a nice presentation and so many different kinds of fish in one meal.
Well I'm not a girl to cheat if I'm in a committed relationship but if I have the ability I quite enjoy playing the field.
Kinks.... hmn thats a hard one.... I guess you could call my favorite thing about sex abit of a kink... *blushes* I can't beleive I'm telling you this but when I'm with a guy I like to have him finish on me... I love the feel of cum on my skin.
Dislikes I have lotsa those, I don't like people who are out of shape it's so easy to keep in shape C'mon. Also people who don't keep themselves clean I know my sense of smell is quite strong.... but still when I can smell you from across the room bleh.
I've never been with a herm before but I'd like to someday I've known afew herms before and they're no different than anyone else.

Oral.... hehe that can be abit dangerous at least with boys... y'know teeth and all... I tried it once... that was an interesting ride with him in the ambulance.... lol With girls I enjoy it though that close to.... 'everything' The scents can be abit to strong so I can't do it for long. I love receiving oral especially when the person knows what they're doing. Anal.... I've never done that IDK I have afew friends who just love to rave about it but I've just never had the chance to try it
6 years, 2 months ago
Sorry for the VERY delayed reply, but I've been distracted by a certain bat and cat.

1.) Sorry, sushi isn't my cup of tea. But I think I know a few furs...
2.) Play the field and have fun until you find someone worth stopping for, right? I get it.
3.) Cum: Plenty of that to go around! Hygiene: Agreed.
4.) I may be able to find one or 2 of those while you play the field.
5.) Well, better to err on the side of caution, I suppose. At least you like getting, and are possible open to trying new things!

Sorry, I had more questions, but TMI Tuesday is over, so out of respect for the tradition, I'll stop asking. I felt though that such a pretty lady deserved responses to her answers. Maybe I can ask you some more questions later, in a more intimate setting?
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