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The Twilacorn Outrage.

Seriously, and people wonder why I specifically identify myself as a Pegasister and not a Brony.

I've been hearing a lot of how many bronies are all up in arms about Twilight Sparkle becoming an alicorn, some on the principle of the whole thing and other one the poor story. Honestly it's a cartoon, and I can agree with one person, from the very first episode they've been dropping clues to this.

I'll admit the storyline of the season 3 finally was a bit lame. The whole switching of the cutie marks was rather cleaver and the idea that it was an old unfinished spell that had to be completed was good... but the actual carrying out solving the problem was to easy, to simple, to quick.

the whole episode just has a rushed feel to it, like it should have been two but got reduced to one at the last minute. As for twi becoming an alicorn, i say: FINALLY!!!!

I like Twilacorn, she's cute.

Anywho that's the thoughts of this pegasister. To those bronies who have been complaining i say: Shut the hell up and just enjoy the ponies.
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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
I still haven't gotten a chance to watch it but, as usual, the fan reaction well out weighs what actually happened.

I really don't know what I'd be called since I predate "Brony" by a good deal.  Maybe "Proto?"
6 years ago
Technically, I was also a fan before the whole "Brony" thing, but not on the level I am today. Originally I just enjoyed the show, though G3.5 still creeps me out a bit, but I wasn't an pony artist or anything. Just a fan of the old shows... though now I can't watch them without cringing at times, like a lot of my old favorites (the original Macross series I have to avoid all parts with singing to save my sanity)
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