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Borderlands 2

When i first saw borderlands 2. The first thought that came into my head was "...this is just an expansion to borderlands 1..." thats about it. it looks exactly the same and everything.

Well I was wrong. Its better then borderlands 1 in a few ways...but it also has alot of issues as well. So pros and cons i guess im gona talk about.

1st: The chars. At first i thought they were just a ripoff of the same chars in the first one. They looked exactly like them..hell same dam kinda char models as well. Soldier-commando, Berserker-Gunzerker, Hunter-Assassin, and Siren-.....siren? XD But really they arent as same as i thought they were. I mean yeah they are all the same...but the new ones are more better designed then the old one. Like the cooldowns on the special abilitys were extremely long. So like the soldier's turret was more or less useless. Where the commandos is really useful. The sirens ability is useful where in the first it was more or less useful for running away then attacking. the hunters bird was extremely overpowered and the assassins ability is alittle buggy but its still more useful then the first sirens ability(they are basicly both the same), and the berserker ability was so dam strong and the gunzerker...not so much. So Im kinda ok with the chars and the balancing...they are more interesting then the other ones.

2nd: The Difficulty issue. This is a HUGE problem. I mean borderlands one was tough at times but it wasnt impossable. It was hard but not super hard. Borderlands 2....unless your the commando. You. Are. Fucked! Plain and simple. Even as the soldier, on the second boss I died so many times...but after figuring out a trick for killing him. he wasnt all that bad. but the fourth boss of the first area was a bitch alone. Then when i watched my friend play. and heard a few others. The second boss was always so dam hard because of the endless spawning and running shit it does. once I told them the trick for killing him. They had no issues at all. Then when it came to the fourth boss. One of my friends died Over...and Over...and Over...and OVER again and couldnt hurt the boss at all. So I jumped on to help them. but if the games that dam hard...thats kinda bs. I dont mind a challenge, but dont make it impossable to play single player. Its like borderlands 1 was Diablo 3. and borderlands 2 is diablo 2...becaus diablo 2 was nearly impossable to beat the game by yourself because the chapter bosses would kill you so dam easily. so it was the same in borderlands 2. So the difficulty was abit much to be honest.

3rd: Guns. Fucking guns! Omg! Yeah borderlands 1....worst dam system they had was the "randomness" that they had in it. It was sooooo unbalanced for the guns. Like seriously. My borderlands 1 siren....with the right points and an a lvl 7 SMG that i ran from lvl 7 till lvl 50(back when i had it on xbox), Since the smg has a fire rate of 19.20 or something like that. Plus with the sirens class mod of smg damage, the extra smg regen ammo, and the abilitys to increase speed and damage. I had a 30 damage SMG pissing out 250 damage crits going through a 50 ammo clip in less then a second. so i could drop anyone within seconds with the gun. Now the guns in borderlands 2....they are more balanced BUT there seems to be an issue with the game. since you have "acc, stable, recoil, ect" for the guns...I was using an assault rifle and seriously, I hit maybe 5 bullets out of a 30 clip. The aiming in the game is REALLY bad. but if i could hit everything 100%, it'd be to easy. sooo. i guess it balances out. But still I like the guns ALOT better in this game then in the old one. They are better looking, more balanced, and more fun to use then in the first one.

4th: Different shield types. In the original. All you used was any shield with very fast health regen...thats about it. Since shields were just completely useless in that game. No matter what you got you basicly had a useless shield. It could have a very high rating and it'd drop instantly because there was so many enemys that had electrical weapons. So very fast health regen was the best way to go. But now in this one they have so many different types of shields. They have ammo absorb, novas with different sizes on how big it blows, melee counters, melee damage increases, shield boosters, ect. So the shields are more useful and also with the health regen one gone, you need to buy health and look for health more in this one compaired to the other. Where the other health items were really really useless. I kid you not. I beat borderlands 1 without any issues at all and never once spent a penny on health items. borderlands 2...bought health items quite a few times.

5th: Badass ranks. This was a really nice add to it. I was sad because they removed "ranks" for guns to make you better at using that type of weapon. now instead you get "badass" ranks for completeing challenges. When you complete challenges you get a badass token to spend on 1 of 5 things that randomly come up. and as you spend them you get better with those you click. even better. its account wide. so if you maxed out all your challenges with one char. you can work on other charges to get more ranks to get more points. So i guess thats how you have to advance in single player...which is kinda lame if thats what they thought of...but still nice that you can have a strong char either way because of it(also you can turn off the extra stats if you want a challenge if your to strong).

6th: multiplayer. Now this i REALLY love. In borderlands 1...when you played multi...the game was so useless for weapons. if you had like 4 people that all used the same weapon. You'd always be out of ammo. But in borderlands 2. if you pick up ammo it goes to everyone. So everyone can use same weapons now. so there is no argueing over ammo or no one being forced to use weapons they dont want too.

7th: Sniping. In borderlands 1, sniping was the most useless weapon because you couldnt kill anyone in time with others or you'd have a problem with people killing before you get a chance to pull the trigger. the sniping in this one is alot better because the acc problem with the guns but when i stood back and used the sniper i was hitting targets and i felt like i was useful with it. So they improved on that.

8th: Fun factor. The game is fun. No doubt about that. It just has alot of fustrating moments. And i mean ALOT but thats because of the difficulty mountains. I mean the game can be normal then go to extremely hard in like less then a second. So i mean it can be fun and enjoyable one minute then the next you can be like "OMFG I HATE THIS GAME! *rage quit*" so its tough to say. The jokes in the game it just seems like they are trying to hard to make you laugh that they fuck them up. Other jokes make me laugh but the lame ones make me go "really :/" Is it better or worse then borderlands 1? hard to say..i guess i'll say average still. Im still playing the game so its fun enough to keep me coming back.

9th: Custimizing. Before you couldnt really change much other then the color of your cloths. Now you can change your head and....color of your cloths. lol So they improved! Better then nothing i suppose.

10th: Dieing. This one is one of the fustrating parts.... Before when you died. you'd just instantly teleport back to a checkpoint and you'd just run out to go back to doing what you were doing. This one? it shows you falling over...slowly decaying...then it pans to the checkpoint..then slowly scanning down to the machine that slowly creates you...then you do alittle spasm to feel alive. then it moves back to first person after...You have to see that EVERY time you die. So its abit annoying when you die in a game that your basicly going to die ALOT. Its not all that long but it gets annoying fast. They should of just kept it the way it was.

11th: the menu system. The menu was ok in borderlands 1....but its SOOOOOO much worse in this one...its not computer friendly at all. Like trying to trade is the most fustrating hassle ever. trying to move a gun over to the slot it'll either put the wrong one...or not send it at all. it was a real big problem. so they fucked the menu up pretty bad. There is no point in "favoriting" guns or anything other then to mark it showing its what you want to keep...I thought it'd make it where you cant sell it. but it still does. They have a trash system where uyou can click guns and items with an X that when you get to the vender all you have to do is "sell trash" and it'll sell everything with the X on it. which is a nice system but in order to do it. you have to click each of them off. so you can just go to the vender and click them faster to sell them. so its just meh...

12th: The story. This Im really confused about...So like...your a vault hunter...like in the first one. In the first one you find the vault but its not what you think and blah blah. then in the second one...it seems there is another vault....BUT...this guy named handsome jack is hiring vault hunters to come to the planet...and he's "killing" the vault hunters that come so they cant get to the vault...why..hire vault hunters to hunt for a vault that they problably didnt know anything about and try to kill them...it makes no sense! So unlike the first one...the second one is basicly your main quest is to go kill handsome jack...then most likely after he's dead...go find the vault. lol

13th: loot system. In borderlands 1 it was very random and it was so random that you could get the most fucked up weapons at starting lvl. Borderlands 2....they took that and threw it out the window. Seriously. I fucking kid you not. you find nothing but pistols through out the first area of the game. Its pistols, rifles, and shotguns. you see nothing else. Im like "wtf is this crap?" i mean me and my friends were doing what we did in borderlands 1. picking guns we need for our class and stick to those. one of them was a siren and she needed an SMG....we never found an SMG till like lvl 10. my sniper was at lvl 6. the rocket launcher you dont find till lvl 12. It was that bad...i mean holy crap. So the loot system is worse in a way then borderlands 1...but better because you cant get overpowered weapons at lvl 1.

14th: Loot chests. They dumbed them down big time compaired to borderlands 1. Borderlands 1 you'd find them everywhere and then just exploit areas that had a ton of chests for easy cash and guns. in borderlands 2....they are only at the very end of dungeon like areas. so you'll have to go through the WHOLE place kill the end boss of the place like you do anywhere else and then you get the chest after. So they threw farming way out the door.

15th: Golden keys. I havent played the game long enough to know much about these...but from what it seems there are codes for them to get a bunch of them. The golden keys are for special chests that give you epics for your level. Its best to save them till your max level or something(which i see no point for since when your max level. whats the point of continueing?) but you can use them whenever you want. but I noticed that they are account wide and that means you only get as many as you got. so like when i got 25 keys for doing all the codes. I have nothing else after. unless they have them in the loot system as very very low drop rates or something. if they do then thats cool then and i can say they are good. but right now. the keys are kinda "useless" because if you used all the keys...the chest is completely useless after.

16th: they added a machine to swap guns between chars for single player. This one I so loved. They needed this so bad in borderlands 1 but didnt have it. so when they added t. it was great. so i can get weapons for my other chars...down side. you have to be like lvl 10 befroe you can even access it.

17th: Kinda like above...accessing stuff. For some reason this is stupid but you basicly learn nothing about the game till like lvl 10. It starts teaching you about this and that and its like "wait...shouldnt you be teaching this at the START of the game?" lol So they kinda just hand you a gun and go "go play" before they teach you anything.

18: the red text >.> Seriously, why couldnt they just remove this. This was my biggest problem on borderlands 1...Why do i ahve to go to a fucking site to figure out what the red text even means! That was the most annoying thing about that game when you found some weapons. Sometimes you could figure it out, other times it was like "wtf is this?" So they have it in this game now and again...tell you nothing.

19th: seperate money. You have money and purple money(forgot the name). but the normaly money is for all your gear. where the special money is for all your upgrades. like in borderlands 1 you had to spend alot of money to get ammo upgrades and stuff like that, had to help claptraps for bag space upgrades, and so on. this one you use the purple money for ammo and bag space upgrades. So I like this improvement better.

I'd do more but i think i said enough.

So would i sugguest getting it? I mean I didnt want borderlands 2 because I thought it was exactly like borderlands 1 and i just felt like i'd get bored with the game right away. well i was wrong. If you played borderlands 1 and loved it...you'd love borderlands 2...just be warned that is ALOT harder then borderlands 1. So expect to die....Alot.
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Added: 6 years, 4 months ago
6 years, 3 months ago
Actually I found Borderlands 1 to be a bit easy, and I can snipe with no needing to wait, though it may get a bit tough when I get close up, but that's where I use revolvers too. As for Borderlands 2, you haven't seen hard yet, because after you beat the game, you will be asked if you want to go to True Vault Hunter Mode. You keep everything you have, and your level. But the game is taking everything easy out the window when you do so.
6 years, 3 months ago
ug   thats dont sound much fun
6 years, 3 months ago
To me it's fun because of how challenging it is.
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