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Gray's Valentine meme

1. Are you single or taken?
Totally taken

2. Chocolate or flowers?
I love candy, but flowers are nice, too.

3. Will you do anything special for Valentines Day?
A nice dinner out, I expect.

4. Do you like anyone?
I should hope so!

5. Were you dating anyone last Valentines?
Being married, I'd never admit it.

6. Who do you want to spend Valentines with?
Mrs. Muzzle. Final answer

7. Do you make a big deal about Valentines?
Not like I used to.

8. Have you ever had a secret admirer?
If I have, they kept the secret well.

9. Would you ever write someone a love letter?
Sure; penned many over the years

10. Do you believe in Cupid?
Not so much.....

11. Do your parents give you presents on valentines day?
Yes they did

12. Do you still send out Valentine cards?
Wife, Mom, Grandkids......

13. Do you like candy hearts?
Depends; is someone naked feeding them to me?

14. What is something you got last Valentines?

15. Is Valentines depressing?
Not really, unless you're alone

16. How is your love life?
I'm MARRIED! Enough said.

17. Have you ever been dumped on Valentines?
I've broken up with someone right before.

18. How many roses would you want to receive?
A dozen. Maybe two.

19. Will you have a girlfriend/boyfriend this Valentines day?
Shhhhh! My wife might be reading this!

20. Do you look forward to Valentines day?
As much as any 'minor' holiday

21. Who was your last Valentine from?

22. Who do you expect to get a Valentine from this year?
See above

23. Who would you most like to receive a Valentine from?
Bill Gates, or Warren Buffet

24. How many Valentines will you be sending this year?
I sent half a dozen

25. Have you ever not received a Valentine?
I'm sure I have

26. What was the most Valentines you received in a single day?
Thirty or so, in Elementary school

27. Have you ever received an anonymous Valentine?
Yes. I ran it for prints

28. Have you ever sent an anonymous Valentine?
Yes, but I put a return address on it

29. Will you be sending an anonymous Valentine this year?

30. What was the best Valentine gift you ever received?
Theatre tickets.

31. What was the worst?
Breaking up

32. Have you ever started dating someone on Valentines day?
Right before.

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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
You could have just put "im taken" in a journal and saved time.
6 years ago
Actually, I thought it was a lot more upbeat than the others, which were variations of "girls don't seem to notice me, since I mostly stay in my room and play on the Xbox"
6 years ago
Nice. Stealing it!
6 years ago
Go for it! I stole it myself.....
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