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My number one pet peeve.

"In the twentieth anniversary edition version of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, policemen's pistols shotguns were replaced with walkie-talkies, completely negating the suspense of the moment.
It makes the staggered zoom to Elliot's horrified face before showing the shotguns, which is kept in the new version, look so out of place." -- from TVTropes.

This is a good way to make me flip the fuck out, seriously. What really is quite sad is that, though young people are getting more "mature" and faster nowadays, we've had this weird conservative backlash in response to it.

It's really quite vexing.

On a related note: http://www.theonion.com/articles/us-children-still-tra...
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Added: 8 years, 1 month ago
8 years, 1 month ago
I think that the fact that kids are more mature, better educated and overall more intelligent these days, is what is causing this backlash. Knowledgeable youngsters is not a desired thing in any society, because they are less likely to stay nicely in line than the ones who simply adopt their parents' view of the world. Especially with the current right-wing wave washing over the western world, it is getting more important to protect kids from the evil internet, from movies and television and books and music that might provoke them into thinking for themselves and form their own opinions. And among the things the authorities absolutely don't want is a movie that portrays them as the bad guys, the cold vivisectionists who would rather cut something to pieces than try to understand through reason. What's really sad is that they got a freethinker like Spielberg to cooperate, and to compromise his own work of art.
8 years, 1 month ago
Precisely, this conservative backlash we've seen since 2000-onwards is in response to young people getting more representation, freedom, education and information. It's going to be hard for mankind to move forwards (especially America) while Christian fundamentalists and other such rigidly conservative pressure groups control so many avenues of propaganda -- such as movies.

On the plus side, the conservative environment children are growing up in nowadays does have its benefits. For instance, the massive plunge in youth-crime, teen pregnancy and so on that started in the late eighties and is persisting to this day. But that's not good enough for the far-right conservatives. They want to have their cake and eat it too. The benefits of the liberal approach, which they so vehemently deny are due to the liberal approach, and the return of stifling, arbitrary cultural values forced upon everyone.

As for Spielberg, I wonder if he actually consented to the change or not? He's usually well known for his respectful and kind portrayal of kids in his movies.
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