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Update: Commishes, Trades, Requests

Ok so first off, i think this week went alright,
I technically accomplished my resolution for this week by having 4 uplods, however its only technically because most of them were WIP clips of one pic. so i really only put up 2 pictures this week I failed horribly at trying to have two pages of sketches a day this week but meh.

On a more positive note, I feel like i made a really good accomplishment in my art. I don't know if any of you were around to see the first time i tried doing refs, did a bunch of em in the summer. they we're pretty bad and yet you insane people still asked which was nice of ya. BUt i said i wouldn't do refs again until i felt hat i would never end up making such bad ones again. I don't just mean the art, didn't like the format either. SO I worked on a ref
for a friend pretty much all week and i think i have really come along.

old ref example:

latest ref example:

Now THAT is something i can truly be proud of and say i'd sell.

Speaking of selling, still don't think i'm quite stable enough in art to really take commissions. Still trying a lot of new stuff and changing things and really just experimenting to much to want to subject anyone to uncertainty of what they will be getting.

As for trades honestly, learning I'm probably not the best trader. maybe its just because I'm still recovering from break or just idk. But I don't know if i'll really be taking trades for a while. That and I usually don't to trade because I would have t think of something for others to draw for me, and there are very few things i want others drawing my characters doing, honestly, sometimes i just prefer they not be drawn by anyone else. obviously i make some exceptions and when i can commission people that i really do wanna see draw my character but there are only a few people i really like to do that. So in terms of those interested in trading with me, I will probably just say that I'd rather you make a request that way it's just me doing something for you. However, if you are really just interested in drawing my character and insist on trading I will probably say okay unless i really don't like where it could go but I'm usually pretty open to things.

And probably what most of you came to read about, REQUESTS will probably put out a nice little thing of request slots tomorrow. I will not be doing any sort of refs or any like crazy, grand, work-intensive things for requests. So please do not go asking me to make you a full out ref sheet or comic or something outrageous. I am nice, but there are somethings that are just to much to ask for as free or just to ask someone you don't know. I will post a journal tomorrow with more and officially announcing it I WILL NOT BE TAKING REQUESTS NOW! WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW and expect to only see about 10-15 slots being taken, I am a student in college so I have other things to do like homework and of course living.


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