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In Need...

I lost my job a month or so ago, and though I've been able to cover things so far (rent, energy bill, internet), I'm pretty much out of whatever reserve money I had at this point. I've got just enough to be able to cover the next energy bill, but that's pretty much it.

As such, I'm currently offering Commissions in hope of earning enough to cover at least my part of Rent. Does anyone out there know someone who's wanting a relatively cheap commission?

Commission Prices I'm offering are:

Sketch/Lineart: $5 - $10 (depending on content/ 1 or more characters/ background detail)

Flat color: $10 - $15 (depending on complexity)

Color/shaded: $20

Single character pinup: $10 (full color/shading/simple or no background)

Commissions can be General to Adult, pretty much whatever you want.

I'll upload examples once I find some...

Method of payment would generally be through paypal... Although given the issues I've heard of people having with them, I'm willing to discuss other payment options.

I'm generally pretty flexible with content, but there's a few things I'm not particularly willing to draw (scat/vore/gore among them). More extreme kinks I'm unsure of exactly. If you have anything particular that might fall into that, feel free to note me and I'll get back to you about it as soon as I can, (which presently would be as soon as I see the note...) and we can discuss details.

I'm also accepting donations if anyone's able to afford to help out even a little, Though I know there's others out there who might need the help more direly...

At present I only need around $150 or so to cover my part of rent on the 1st of next month, so every little bit helps. I have other expenses of course, but rent is the most important right now...

I'll put up a commissions Queue later on somewhere (probably profile or maybe update this journal with one.)

I've also got this up on Furaffinity
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