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Rooted the Rootkit.

So for the very first time ever in over a decade of farting about online, my computer contracted a real threat of a virus.

Isn't it fucking sad? These quivering vaginas are sitting in their darkened rooms designing programs for the express purpose of fucking with people they don't know for no bloody profit. Cackling about how this validates them as human beings, about their "1337 skills". Pathetic. People who design malware are nothing but pathetic, and the irony is, I can imagine one of them reading that and deciding that in order to teach me my place, I need to suffer their wrath. You know, for expressing my opinion because they are the kind of scum who attack blameless innocents.

You know. It'll teach me maturity or something. They're clearly experts in that. Message for you all: fuck off and stop proving you're a worthless cunt every time you produce one of these useless programs -- by the way, hijacking my browser to direct me to porn or anything like that isn't going to endear me to you as a customer. You are clearly stupid, regardless of your programming ability, and you've got some serious mental issues. See a psychiatrist.

Anyway, after some mild annoyances, because the losers who make this shit in their basement aren't quite as skilled as the people working at Kaspersky and Norton, I got rid of the pointless thing.

Now, I was going to do a journal about Amy Chua, the "Tiger Mother", but I think I'll leave it for another day. But believe me, I'm not letting this cunt and her destructive "advice" stay out of my crosshairs for long.
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Added: 7 years, 11 months ago
7 years, 11 months ago
because it has caught up! I'm so sorry to read this =^^"=
Simply put, the virus writers have little to do with kindness towards others *meow*
They are doing more harm to do so, or simply to attract attention?!
We never handle this problem out because viruses live forever in the big network -_-

Unfortunately, earned viruses and protect a lot of money,
so there are guaranteed paid programmers from malicious programs *meow* =^~°=

Time will tell whether we have ever faced with viruses or the Internet is safe for all *purring soft*
i hope you work on a new story... i miss Tai and Mike a lot... and hope for a new story
you write so cute and detailed... "thanks for do all your work" =^^=
7 years, 11 months ago
Amy Chua...?

My brother caught one of those things once. Only way to get rid of it was to reformat the entire bloody computer and do a fresh OS install. Avast has caught three of these things trying to get to work in my PC to date, and has done well in preventing any damage. I normally don't put much faith in free AV software, but kudos to the Avast guys for keeping me safe free of charge. |3;

Also, blocking shady "normal ad" auto-redirects to malware-infested sites upon loading some less secure pages (some old DA flash ads, for example). Stops the connection before it's made. Gold, right there.

Really, if I'd get into the IT business the way I want to, and get into web coding as well, I'd be a white hacker. No doubt about it.
7 years, 11 months ago
Amy Chua, the "tiger mother." Feel free to look her up. Her book is called "The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother" and it's a book about how to psychologically damage, manipulate and tightly control your children.

Norton is doing a good enough job here, considering I got it for free too. However, I'm not too happy that my license is about to expire. Honestly, this was the worst ever attack my computer, any of them, has ever endured. I usually don't even seem to NEED anti-virus software. However, the sheer damage these rootkits can do means I'm rethinking my position.
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