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Zeke; a love story

                                                                           Zeke;  a love story

Zeke sat in his chair by the window, watching snow blow across the frozen fields. It hadn’t always been that way; for many years, Zeke was out working those fields, from dawn until after dark. But that was many years ago. Before he became too old and too infirm to run the farm. Before he leased the acres out to an agribusiness giant. And before his world became confined to this house.
Truth is, Zeke had not left the house in many years. Once his life in farming was over, once the land was no longer his to till, he stopped caring. He would lay in bed for days, not moving. Or, should he rise, he would sit in that chair, staring out the window. This time of year, there wasn’t much to see. The fields he once farmed were frozen, covered in white. He’d watch the wind blow lifeless snow over them until there was not enough light to see. Sometimes he’d sit there still. More than one night he’d  woken up  still in that chair.
It wasn’t always that way. As a young hybrid fox, Ezekial (his given name) was a dynamo. He’d work harder, stay up longer, and out produce anyone. Being a thrifty sort, he never wasted the money he made, instead going back to roll it into equipment, seed, stock, and of course, land.
Land. That was what Zeke lived for. Whenever land was for sale near his spread, Zeke bought it. Since he saved constantly, there wasa always money. As he acquired land, there was more land to farm, and his wealth grew. Hardworking, and frankly cheap, Zeke seldom hired help. When he did, it was for as short a time as possible, and for as little pay as he could get away with. As soon as harvest was over, they were gone. No one retired working for Zeke.
As the years passed, Zeke became one of the wealthiest farmers in the area. The human farmers were envious; so Zeke never felt any kind of kinship to them. With limited social outlets, he worked. And he bought more land. This pattern continued well past his seventieth year.
In the end, age caught up with him. When it did, it was a terrible thing. Like so many others who devote their lives to gaining wealth, when work was finally over, Zeke didn’t have much of a life. Always working, he never married. Needless to say, there were no children. Even friendship was neglected, as Zeke worked day and night.
Sometime in his seventies, Zeke had his first sick day. A heart attack dropped him in the fields. Luckily, a passerby had seen him fall from the tractor. Zeke recovered, but not without damage. He was too incapacitated to ever work again. Luckily, his thrifty ways, and habit of buying land served him well. A giant agribusiness leased his land. And he had enough money to live out his life.
But, Zeke was very much alone. He dreaded waking to each empty day. For the fiorst time in his life, he had no purpose, no reason to exist. He cared for his own needs, without any contact with the outside world. Each day found Zeke more depressed. He lost his will to go on. Nothing mattered any more. Some might have become suicidal, but that was not Zeke; he simply soldiered on.
And so it was. Each day pretty much as the one before. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. Today was just another day of idleness, loneliness, of staring out the window. That was until there came to be a knock at the door.
Of course, it disn’t ACTUALLY start with a knock at the door; as far as he lived out in the country, you’d notice a visitor long before that. No, Zeke saw the snow blowing from an approaching vehicle a good mile or more away. That white blur got larger and larger, until he could identify it. A white Jeep. No one he knew. The car circled the drive by the farmhouse, parking buy the door. Then moments later came the knock.
Zeke struggled to his walker, slowly pulling himself upright. He then began the laborious trip from his chair to the door. Once there, he called out:
“Who is it?” he bellowed, with all the force his aged lungs could muster.
“Can…..you let me in?” came the meek reply.
“Not until you tell me who you are, and what your business is” he demanded.
“Please…..it’s awfully cold. Will you let me in?”
At last, pity overtook him. He opened the door. Once he did, a young Vixen stepped inside. From her looks, Zeke reconed that she couldn’t have been more than twenty human years old. In spite of her heavy outer clothing, he determined that she was barely ninety pounds, and hardly five feet. Zeke figured her for the tiniest thing hye’d seen, at least in another Vulpine hybrid.
“Why are you here?”
“May I at least remove my coat, before the inquisition continues?” she snapped,  while the business of removing her heavy outer garments continued.
Chastened, Zeke backed off.
“Do what you must”  
He shrugged his shoulders, before collapsing into a nearby chair.
“Are you all right?’ she asked solicitously, rushing to where Zeke sat.
“Was alright when you got here. I’ll likely be even better when you leave.”
“Always nice to be welcome….” She sniffed, taking a seat at the table at which Zeke sat.
“Would you like to have a seat, and making yourself at home?’ he responded, sarcasm dripping from his words.
After giving Zeke a stern look, the Vixen stood, and removed her coat, placing it on an empty chair. She shook her fur out, getting rid of the coating of snow that had settled there.
“Shall we try again?” she offered. “I’m Vanessa. I’m with the visiting nurses. I’m here because folks were worried about you. I’m here to give you a little help, that’s all.”
“Folks should mind their own business” Zeke huffed “If I need help, I ‘ll ask for it.”
After that, Zeke stopped talking. So did Vanessa. So the two sat at the table in the kitchen. It was around five P.M. before Zeke broke the silence.
“I suppose if my space is going to be invaded against my will, at least you can make yourself useful.”
“And how does one make oneself ‘useful’” she inquired.
“Well, dinner time, isn’t it?”
Vanessa gave a little smile.
“So it is”
She got up, and looked through the old refrigerator. She found eggs and bacon.  Taking an old iron skillet. She put it on the stove, cracked the eggs, and peeled off several strips of bacon. Within a few minutes she had the bacon and eggs on a plate in front of Zeke.
“Not much of a cook, are you” he grumped
“well, that’s why I don’t work for the Visiting Chefs Association” she deadpanned
Perhaps she imagined it, but for one brief moment, she thought that she caught a hint of a smile on the old foxes face. To her surprise, he finished the meal she prepared. As she cleaned up, Zeke tried to move from his chair. She rushed to him.
“Let me help you….”
“No!” He motioned her away.
“I’m here to assist you, whether you want me to or not.”
Again he motioned her away. She refused to move.
“Damnit, woman!  Don’t you understand? You can’t go with me?”
Vanessa giggled.
“I help males in the bathroom all the time. If it REALLY bothers, you, I’ll get you settled, and stand outside while you attend to ‘business’ OK?”
Vanessa lead Zeke to the bathroom without further protest. She undid his overalls, lowered his shorts, and seated him. As promised, she stepped outside the door, which she left slightly open. She sat on ther bed, waiting. When twenty minutes had passed, she became concerned.
“Are you,,,,,,OK?”
“I’m fine……leave me alone”
There was a pause. Then Vanessa spoke.
“If you’re fine, then why are you……..”
“Uh, how long since……..”
“Maybe three, four days……a week?”
“Stay put….”
“Don’t worry.”
Vanessa went out to her truck, and came back with her bag of medical supplies. Laying it out on the bed, she took out a plastic bottle, to which she attatched a long necked nozzle. She entered the bath where Zeke was, coating the nozzle in medical lubricant.
“Oh no you don’t…….”
“Don’t be a baby……”
Vanessa removed his pants from around his ankles, and lead him to the bed. He was naked from the waist down. She placed Zeke face down on the bed. Putting on medical gloves, she dispensed some lubricant onto her index finger.
“This will be less uncomfortable if you aren’t so tense…..”
She inserted her lubricated finger into his tailhole. Zeke winced. Before he could respond, she followed up with the nozzle, gently discharging it’s contents.
“Give that a minute….” She said, softly.
Moments later, Zeke charged from the bed. He moved with such speed that it caught her by surprise.
“Can’t” he replied, slamming the door behind him.
Judging by the sound effects, her treatment had had the desired effect. He emerged five minutes later.
Zeke, wide eyed, merely nodded.
“I think I’m ready for bed”
She didn’t go away, of course; she was back ther next day, and the next, and the day after that. After a few weeks Zeke actually warmed……somewhat…….to the pretty stranger. It was a Thursday morning, maybe ten o’clock. Zeke took out the checker board.
“Ever play before” he asked
“Well…..” she demurred.
“Give it a try. I’ll show you. …..”
So Zeke explained the game. He set up the board, and made a few moves. Vanessa picked up a pice, hesitated……then jumped from one end of the board to another. Zeke sat there with his mouth open.
“Whay? Did I do something  wrong?” she asked innocently.
‘I made a serious mistake in underestimating you” Zeke declared solemnly.
“Girls can do things, too” she declared, with a hint of a smile.
Their relationship grew, until the day of the big storm. It wasn’t supposed to be such a bad storm, at least at first. By noon it was clear that it had been seriously underestimated. By noon, power was lost. They made it through another, still cut off, no power. By the morning of the third day, there was no change, and wood was running low. By being careful, and sitting close to the stove, they made it through. When nightfall came, the wood was gone, and the fire was down to embers. Zeke went to bed, but within a couple hours, he was shaking uncontrollably from the cold. Vanessa rounded up every blanket in the house, but it was not enough. The sight of poor Zeke, shaking so pitifully was more than she could stand. As he lay there, his eyes open wide, she walked toward the bed. She pulled her heavy sweater over her head, revealing a little cotton camisole, and two very erect nipples. Her long denim skirt next dropped to the floor, under which was nothing but flowered bikini underpants. While Zeke watched, she shed first her undershirt, then her panties.
“What….are you doing?” Zeke asked, fear and wonder in his voice.
“Shhhhhh!” she chastened. “We’re going to warm you up by sharing body heat. Now you take off your sleepshirt.”
Zeke did as he was told. Both undressed, the young Vixen took Zeke in her arms. She position his arms so that he could hold her as well. She held him tighter than he had ever been held before. They stayed like that for an hour or more, until he stopped shaking. Still too cold to sleep, Vanessa became aware of something else- Zeke was out of his sheath. His limp sex was buried in her pelvic fur. Bored, and a little scared, she mindlessly stoked it, hoping to sooth and comfort the elderly fox.
“How long has it been since…..you’ve…..you know?”
Her question was met with a blank look.
“My GOD! You’ve…..NEVER?”
Zeke closed his eyes, and looked down. He shook his head. Filled with sadness, Vanessa held him close.
“I’m sorry, Zeke; I never meant to……”
Neither one spoke for what seemed like ages. Vanessa broke the silence..
Zeke did as he was instructed. Vanessa jumped up, and went to her medical bag. She handed him a diamond shaped blue pill.
“Chew this…..” she instructed.
Fascinated, again he did as he was told. Vanessa ducked under the covers, and took his soft penis in her mouth. Lovingly, she ran her tongue over it, sucking it softly. Zeke made not a sound. He was long, and very pink- not a bad looking penis, she thought. Slowly, and with great determination, she licked every inch of his manhood. To their mutual surprise, it began to firm. After sucking, licking and deep throating Zeke for almost an hour, she was looking at a powerful erection- rock solid, and almost eight inches in length!
Vanessa straddled the senior fox, then whispered in his ear.
“Zeke? I want this to be the BEST night of your life……”
Laying on top, they kissed, as Vanessa rubbed her sex against his body. As they kissed- and kissed in a way that he had never kissed anyone before, his nose sensed something. Even dulled as his senses were by age, he knew that scent. Vanessa was in heat. As a fox, he knew the smell, and knew what it required. Before long, she sat back, folding her legs beneath her.
“You don’t have to do a thing. I’ll take care of everything.” She cooed.
“”But don’t I shouldn’t we….?”
“Shhhhhhhh. “ she soothed “Trust me. It’s fine. I want this for you…..for me…….tonight.’
With that, she leaned forward. Taking the first two fingers of her right pawhand, she formed a ‘V’ . Placing the fingers in her sex, she used them to brush asde her long red fur, exposing her opening. Closing her eyes, she sat back.
With her entire weight pressing down, Zeke’s cock bottomed on her cervix. Vanessa winced, then smiled.
“Are you comfortable?”
Zeke looked at her with those same huge eyes. He never spoke, he just nodded.
With that, Vanessa began to stroke, going up and down with her small but incredibly powerful thighs. For an old man, Zeke had achieved an impressive hard on. Not only was he around eight inches in length, but his girth stretched her noticeably. Zeke began to breath motre quickly. Vanessa picked up her own tempo, massaging her own clit as well. She began to talk.
“Do you like it, Zeke? Do you find me pretty?”
Zeke, however was in a world all his own. His breathing quick and labored. She could feel him starting to meet her thrusts, bucking against her pelvis, too. She lay down, and stuck her tongue in his ear, still playing clumsily with her own sex.
“Ohhhhhh, yes……I’m going…..I’m going to…….are you….? Please………Cum with me! Cum inside me……”
The old man caught a second wind. Breathing heavily, he thrust deeper into her sex, until…
“Are you? Are you lover? Pleaaaaaaaase…………cum! Fill me with it! I want you to fill me with your…..”
That was when she felt it. That moment, Zeke went rock hard. He entered her deeper and harder than she had ever been before. The pointed tip of his sex bottomed on her vulpine cervix, effectively sealing it with his cock. It was then that Zeke exploded inside her. Vanessa was not inexperienced, even for a young girl, but she had never felt the like of this. His spunk was hot and it was copious, and thick, and it filled her like no one had. The warmth of his ejaculate burned inside her; once his knot slipped, she closed her legs tightly, drawing her knees to her chest. She held onto Zeke with all her might, thev warmth of his love warming them both.
After their night of love, they both fell into a deep sleep. It was almost ten when they finally awaked, to the sound of plows outside, and elevtricity had been restored. Zeke opened his eyes slowly. He smiled at the sight of his Vixen.
‘Did you enjoy last night” she smiled back
He said nothing. He didn’t need to.
“I’ll get us coffee…..”
With Zeke in bed, Vanessa left for the kitchen. The power restored in the night had warmed the house enough for her to walk naked to the kitchen. After loading the coffeemaker, she walked to the kitchen window to see the morning sun rise over the snow covered prairie. Vanessa ran her paws over her rounded little belly.
“Someday……someday soon…….all  this will belong to me……and my kits!”
She raised the cup to her lips, and smiled a secret smile.
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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
6 years ago
Well, everyone got what they wanted.....
6 years ago
You do realize this a story not a journal Gray?
6 years ago
I saw some mistakes, but it was a pretty good story overall maybe you can fix it up and repost it as a submission instead of a journal.
6 years ago
I liked the ending. I was surprised, though. I thought Zeke's heart would give out a few times. Other than that, spelling and paragraph structure. And it's a story, not a journal...
6 years ago
I know, I know. However Inkbunny doesn't like the format that every other site uses. So, I doubt that I'll redo it in another format with the limit audience stories have here.
6 years ago
Amazing how people read something specifically to dissect it for errors despite you not asking anyone too.

Good story Gray.
6 years ago
Thanks. I've always believed that critiques are only done when requested. Clearly this is not universally observed.
I just had someone do a meticulous proofread of 'Zeke'. I was appreciative, since it really was a careful, profesional quality proofread, not a critique, and, as a contest entry, it was actually quite helpful. Also, it was PM'd to me, not posted as a comment.
I love working with new writers. I am more than happy to read and discuss people's work, or even my own. But it's done privately.
6 years ago
While I wouldn't call myself a writer, I have written mini stories to go along with a few images. I've never had any critique so I must have earned a passing grade by whoever has read them. I also have proofread a few works for a friend but there are things that I don't pick up.

Glad you were able to find a professional proof reader.
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