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Masturbation journal!

I loved alla your answers to the orgasm question! It's always tons of fun to hear everyone talk about doing naughty stuff, and their different good feelings too. I always hope everyone has fun sharing too!

Ooh, I got s'more fun questions too, if you wanna answer! I wanna know about how you masturbate!

I actually rub a lot, just any time I've got some privacy, even if it's just absent mindedly while I'm doing something else! Usually, it doesn't end in squirting, though. Lately I almost always hold off on the squirting part just before I go to sleep, while I'm lying around in bed. I just get all rubby and squirt in my jammies! :) I wouldn't mind varying my time and stuff a bit, but it's tricky with other stuff to do. I do it every night though! I've never done it with anyone else in person, but have done naughty stuff with other folks online while doing it, of course. :) I often do the casual rubbing thing when I'm looking at pictures, but when I do the squirty thing, I'm usually not - I like to be off in my imagination for that moment. :) Oh, and one other thing is that I most often use just my thumb, pointer and middle finger to rub, focusing around my head, especially around the bottom. I was kinda surprised to find out that most people actually grip their weenie with their whole hand and rub that way!

Soooo, how about you all? :) Do you have a favorite special time or spot? How often do you do it? D'you ever do it with others? Do you use your whole paw ta rub, or just your fingers, or somethin' else? D'you usually like to look at pictures? Anything you wanna share, I'd like to hear! :)
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Added: 6 years, 3 months ago
6 years, 3 months ago
I do it about once a day, maybe twice and maybe not at all. At random times, but usually close to the end of the day or just after I've woken up (before I've even got out of bed!) I look at pictures or stories to get it started maybe, if I actually want to paw. When I'm reading a book in bed, I do a lot of rolling and I'm often just in undies so it rubs against by bed and gets real hard, then I just slide the bookmark in and paw with my imagination. I always use my full paw, and sometimes even two hehe! When I do it in bed I always get all sticky and then I gotta clean it all up, which is pretty fun sometimes too.
6 years, 3 months ago
I'm actually pretty much the same as you! I sometimes use my whole hand but mostly it's just that ring of fingers, focusing right around my tip, where it feels the best... Mostly right before I go to bed is when I actually squirt, though sometimes I've done it in the shower... Never really done it WITH anyone though I have pawed someone ELSE before while they did me, and that was pretty fun!
6 years, 3 months ago
these days I almost always rub through undies or pullups or padding or whatever i happen to be in and spooge into that.  Often looking at pics or thinking about scenes that I like!  I tend to do it about once a day.  Lately twice!
6 years, 3 months ago
how often? everyday in my room watching Inkbunny ;)

emm..  about technique i usually put my finger in the tip cause is more sensitive for me x3
Of course i like watch pictures when i do that.

I usually do it in the night before sleep after a bored day in job, so night for me is time for privacy and rub my peepee and butt too :ll3

With others?? Not really hehe... at least if count RP :P
6 years, 3 months ago
Hehe, good for me to know in case in ever piloting. ;3

Do you have a favorite special time or spot?
Any time! On my bed or in a chair. Work and different places are interesting!
How often do you do it?
About 4 times a week at least. Half a chance it's once a day. Once a week or few ill do it more than once a day!
D'you ever do it with others?
I've fapped a few times with one romantic interest, but it was usually very clothed. And I've done it plenty of times on webcam with others x3
Do you use your whole paw ta rub, or just your fingers, or somethin' else?
Legs is most important! My legs kinda curl up. It's tough for me to orgasm and stand but I could. I kinda use my curled up fingers to press my weenie against my legs and hump into that space.
D'you usually like to look at pictures?
I love pictures and stories. Sometimes I'll just imagine. I love visuals but stories are sexy!
Anything you wanna share, I'd like to hear! :)
I can fap in my clothes really easily! I rub in Jammies and pants usually. Once or twice Someone's walked in but didnt know I was rubbing around!
6 years, 3 months ago
Well usually in the mornings before I wake up, when I'm still a bit sleepy and dreaming of doing naughty things with cute girl bunnies (and sometimes boy bunnies too) ;)  hehe.
Never done it with others, but I'd like to.  (Assuming I couldn't just hump them instead!)
Yep, I use my whole paw to rub.  Feels good :)
I love pictures.  And videos too, hehe ;)  Stories are nice as well, can get really horny just visualising some of the things happening in them ;)

*ponders doing it together with you...* ;)  hehe.
6 years, 3 months ago
*murr*...Miss ya!

As for me, I usually do it once or twice a night looking at porn! Its my nightly ritual, you could say! I have done it breifly with others before, but I don't get the chance much, sadly! As for rubbing, I have an odd method, I pinch my foreskin closed and rub my fingers over my cockhead, as if I was rubbing a clit. Its odd, but it feels fucking amazing when I cum! I usually like to paw during RP as well!
6 years, 3 months ago
I rub with both hands, thumbs and the first two or three fingers rubbing with just the fingertips along the front and back of the shaft. I can do it sitting at my desk looking at naughty pictures on my computer, but I prefer to be lying on my back in bed. I generally use a sock to catch the squirts because I don't like messing up my bedsheets like that.

The best is, of course, my wuffie and I snuggling in bed and pawing each other. It may take switching back and pawing ourselves to actually squirt, but the warm snuggliness is so wonderful.
6 years, 3 months ago
HaHa. Journals like this are always cute. :)

I've actually always found my desk chair to be the most comfortable place for me to play with myself, though, I have also tried the toilet seat and shower as well. And I almost always do it every day in the morning, before lunch. That's my peak arousal hour. :P However, sometimes I'll just play with myself because I can and it feels good, even if I'm doing something else. That's the convenience of the flap in the front, right? :)

Generally, I will do this sort of thing alone. I've only ever been able to do this sorta thing with one other person face to face, but... that's a funny story for another time. xP Otherwise, I've played with myself via webcam for a couple of my friends before, just for fun. :)

However, I haven't really developed a technique yet for doing this (Makes it different every time. HaHa.) but, I tend to use my whole hand to move up and down with my skin. Sometimes I'll even make a ring with just my thumb and index finger to slide over my tip really fast. xP But...! I have been experimenting with toys lately too. They're really fun and interesting!

And, yes, I have been known to look at several pictures while I'm doing this. Most of them come from Inkbunny! HaHa. I like to use them to spark my imagination. Or, in other words, I love looking at the pictures and imagining me in the situation I'm looking at. Especially if they're cute! :P
6 years, 3 months ago
Pawing, the best thing in life.
If I feel like doing it, I'll do it, as long I find privacy. If I hold off too much when I feel the urge I'll feel very uncomfortable... Today, for example, I just woke up and noticed I was alone in my room. My brother and nephew were out. So I pawed right there and then, without even getting up. It all depends more on privacy than on time. Once, I was on someone else's house and I was feeling terrible for going too long without. I felt guilty afterwards, but can't deny it happened. I pawed in the room of a complete stranger.>///////<
Mind you, I have foreskin.:3 I grip myself and start stroking, but never pulling the foreskin back. Maybe just a little, but that's not rule. I take pauses and try to make it last. The closer I get, the less I rub, so that every rub feels intoxicating.x3 I did paw someone else in the past.-w- Not to the point of climax, but I did try, nonetheless.
Before I discovered orgasms and up to today, I did and still do a lot of casual rubbing, with or without porn on. I once caught myself at it while reading a Bible, fml.-//////////////- Never outdoors, however. Porn is a big help, but often is unnecessary. I like to use my imagination, it's always better.:3
6 years, 3 months ago
" I just get all rubby and squirt in my jammies! :)
That made me smile. ^_^ Doesn't it get all sticky in those jammies after? =3
" Do you have a favorite special time or spot?
Nah, anytime is good. I generally do it in front of my computer but sometimes in my bed just before I'm going to sleep using just my imagination. =)
" How often do you do it?
Not often enough! :p 1-5 times a day depending on my mood.
" D'you ever do it with others?
Yep! It's a bonding experience and I really enjoy sharing that enjoyment with others. ^_^
" Do you use your whole paw ta rub, or just your fingers, or somethin' else?
I mix it up when I can, I figure I don't want to get too used to any one thing otherwise it will make it hard to orgasm for different sensations.
" D'you usually like to look at pictures?
Yeah, but sometimes my imagination is far better than any picture or video as imaginations are quite interactive. X3
6 years, 3 months ago
I do it at least twice. Once when I wake up, if I'm alone in the house. Then again before I go to bed.

I may do it more often, like in the shower, or again in the bathroom if I'm really horny. We have a lot of carpeting in our house, so I try not to do it where I'd have a lot of cleaning to do. I've done it on the sofa a few times, and only on camera. Otherwise I do it in the bathroom.

Also, I've been using foreskin restoration, so I need to paw to get hard and stretch it, though sometimes I'll pull it loosely when I'm soft. I've actually got about ¼ inch so far, and I'm hoping for more over the next year!

Oh yeah, and I use my paws. ^^; And I look at pics too. Especially some with my favorite kinks in it~
6 years, 3 months ago
Do you have a favorite special time or spot?
Well since I am female, Ima have to say, the clit and outer lips >///u///>

How often do you do it?
Every time I am alone, laying down or just bored

D'you ever do it with others?
My mate and I do it together, I rub him and he rubs me, we don't really "mate" that often but more or less mutual masturbation

Do you use your whole paw ta rub, or just your fingers, or somethin' else?
Tips of fingers, vibrating egg, or mini vibe.

D'you usually like to look at pictures?
Sometimes, depends on weather I am alone, if alone then yes if not then no.
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