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MLP Story Reading

Well after a while I have been reading alot of different stories.  Mostly fan fiction from My Little Pony.  I just finished reading one and also watching video's doing the story reading as well and to be honest some it put me at thought, and others just....well I'll explain it.

First off I did read last year one story that everyone talked about and that of course was the horror story by Sargent Sprinkles entitled Cupcakes.

Now I read that one after watching all of season 1 and most of season 2 seeing all the ponies kinda cracking and even though there was video's made of the story itself and I thought to myself after watching the episode, Party of One, that I got a little chuckle of Pinkie going off the deep end and snapping.  Then I read the story and found out what would happen if she REALLY went off the deep end, and well lets say comical yet gruesome.  I mean sure I have seen the SAW movies and to be honest I was expecting something in the lines of it, but I know somewhere out there someone has done that to the show and made it just as bloody.  Cupcakes was a real gut turner as well was the sequel.  If you wanna know the 2nd story lets just say Rarity's number was up.

Next story I read was called Silent Ponyville.  This one was real cool.  Now I have played almost all the silent hill games and watched the movie, and the one who wrote these stories along with the many different endings really knows their stuff.  If ya go to EQD and look it up in the search, then read it all cause it really takes ya into the world of everything silent hill.  If you know how the game is and if you play in the dark, then you can feel just how the ponies are doin their thing in that world.  It's dark and scary and a little bit of the cupcakes comic comes into play during your reading, and also explains about Pinkie's sisters along with Fluttershy's family.  I suggest you read it sometime and tell me what you think.

Aside from all the horror novels and stories I have read, I do enjoy a little romance story now and then and I have read quite a few shipping ones here and there.  Like one of Applejack having something of a fondness for Soarin of the wonderbolts.  Even a little something of Rarity being around Twilight.

Those are some good stories that doesn't end up with them eating each other out....even though there are some I think are cool.

But one story I just finished after I had a certain wolf friend egg me to read it.  I had finished listening and reading along to the story, My Little Dashie.

......To be truthfully honest and I won't lie about this, it did hurt at the back of my throat when I was about to cry.  Not many stories ever do this to me but I know all in all if we was in the same situation we would do the same thing as well to raise up rainbow dash like a daughter we never had.  I say this story was by far one of the best tear jerkers I have ever read.

I even had been looking at different video's on youtube to see if something better was made of the story, and what I saw was possible real life movies to be made of My Little Dashie.  I totally can't wait to see this be completed cause I know every other fan out there would love to cry along with each other to see a real deal made and have a sad yet happy ending.

Well there are more stories out there and its been giving me inspiration to finish my story of how my pony came to be and why I has a little happy plant next to me.  There will also be a story after that one about me making friends along the way and one of them being the sweet Derpy Hooves.

So keep an eye out in my stories cause well frost has done up his and now its my turn.
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Added: 6 years, 4 months ago
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