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Terms of Service (ToS)

Update: Dec 3, 2014: Realized I said no refunds after work is done, then later wrote I would refund half if client demanded, so changed the no refunds after work part.

Terms of Service (ToS)
My list of rules. By commissioning me, you agree to follow this list. Not following these rules may lead to a cancellation of the commission. These rules may change depending on situations encountered.

Digital only

My process:
* Details are obtained. I will often ask many questions about what the commissioner is interested in.
* A basic sketch is made. This will be very rough and only to show general pose. Commissioner's approval for pose is sought, and changes are made as needed. (I've even given people multiple pose options and let them choose.) However, once the pose is approved I will not change it. Minor details can be changed, but not the layout of the picture.
* Payment is expected within 7 days after sketch is approved.
* Work is started, and I try hard to give daily updates. Small changes are made as necessary, but depend on how difficult it is to change. Large changes will cost extra. (Small changes are like changing the color of something like eyes. Big changes are altering clothing, patterns, hair..)
* Unless something dire occurs work is generally completed within 7 days.

* I don't accept payment until the piece can be worked on. So, please, if you are in line, send no money until I ask you to. Life is strange and I do not want to be accepting money only to make people wait large amounts of time.
* Paypal only, and USD please.
* Payment is expected within 7 days after sketch is approved.
* Non payment within the time range means a cancelling of commission.
* No real work will be done without payment.

* A full refund is a possibility depending on the situation. I reserve the right to cancel a commission and refund money. Either due to personal reasons, or depending on how the commissioner treats the artist. Harassment is not acceptable in any form.
* If the commissioner can not reply to sketch approval, or updates, within two weeks (14 days) a refund may be made if payment has been exchanged. Depending on work done a partial refund, half original price, may be made. This half cost if piece is past the halfway point to completion.
* Commissioner may request refund during any point in this process. However, if the piece is half done, only half original cost will be returned. Due to time and services rendered.
* A .jpg of the work, no matter what stage, will be sent if commission is cancelled - if money has been exchanged.

Further details:
Commisionner may -
* Post the art work. Link backs would be highly appreciated.
* Color pieces, make icons, etc. So long as the piece is not being sold.
* Rights for the piece may be purchased at additional cost. Price will vary.
* All characters remain property of their legal owners.

Commisioner may not -
* Sell the piece again, or use it for promotional purposes. Not without the rights to it having been purchased. IE: Don't use it to make money.

Artist -
* I reserve the right to deny a commission for any reason.
* If the commissioner wishes it to remain private I will honor that.
* I retain all copyright to my work even if the characters contained are not my own.

Will not draw:
Shota/Cub/child porn
Drug use
Gross Fetishes such as golden showers and skat. Ask if you are curious.

Will draw:
Pretty much anything else.
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