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Story and Writing Commissions Available

I've decided to put out an outstanding offer to sell my services as a writer to anyone who is interested.

If you've ever considered purchasing a story commission or any other form of professional writing, please take a moment to see what I have to offer.

Prices start at just $10 and go up in increments of $5 for each additional 500 words after 1,000. So, a $20 commission will buy you up to 2,499 words, which works out to less than 1 cent/word (that's cheap). The only caveat is you have an idea for how long you want your commission to be. For now, I'd like to keep all commissions under 10,000 words.


How it works:

First, you do the following three things:

1. Contact me -- You may contact me through SoFurry, FurAffinity, IMs, or any other contact method in my profile. Please include all the information asked for below.
2. Discuss -- Once I've read over your request, we should talk about it so we can ask questions of each other and work out any issues there may be.
3. Pay me -- Once we've settled on what you want, including the length of the piece, you'll need to pay me (usually via PayPal). While I do require payment before I can begin, I won't ask you for the money until I'm ready to begin work.

Once that's all done, I'll begin work. Unless you've asked for something especially long, I'll have a rough draft of your story done within 15 days. At that point, you'll have an opportunity to read through it. Together, we can work out any changes and revisions that need to be made.
You will have a polished (hopefully final) draft that includes all the changes we discussed within another 15 days. After, if you find any typos or other errors that need to be corrected, I'll do so for free (though you'll have full rights to make the edits yourself if you choose).
Once you receive the final draft, you will have all rights to edit, distribute, and reuse the document as you please. I only reserve the right to publish a draft to my personal accounts as a sample of my work. I also ask that you always credit me as the author.
What I need:
An Idea – You should have an idea of what you want your story to be about. I can handle fine detail (plotting, pacing, etc.), but I need you to give me a starting point, and any specific requests for a specific theme, item, character, or kink to appear in the story.

References – A paragraph or two about how you want the character(s) you've supplied to behave, think, act, etc. is essential, as is some kind of physical description/image. It might also help to send me links to stories that are similar to what you want.

What you’re buying:
Professionalism – You will receive a draft of your story within 15 days of my receipt of payment, you will be able to discuss revisions with me at length, and will be able to view the story in Google Docs as I write it.

Experience – I'm a published writer and have been writing both fiction and non-fiction for more than twelve years.

Quality – I take pride in my work, and will do what it takes to ensure you receive the best possible product I can provide.

Though I am open-minded, there are a few things I’m not comfortable writing about. I will never approve commission requests involving scat, snuff, or very young characters. I also reserve the right to refuse a request, or to write without attribution if I'm not comfortable with a particular subject.
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