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Cleaning some stuff around my desk?

Copy-pasta from FA:

AKA more like wiping off some "collectables" that I don't feel like holding them anymore. But alas I dunno where to start donating/selling them to my community outside the internet.

For donating, they will mostly go to the "Anime Club", since that's what all of my stuff is about. C:

I have some old Digimon stuff laying around my desk and at my exclusive Veemon suitcase from Toy R Us~

The reason is that I recently got my chibi Jessica figurine and of course I want to give her love, but with rants from my sis on my cluttered and distractive desk, she wants a few white space here and there so she doesn't have to be a Natsuhi Ushiromiya. (Without the headaches, of course.)

So... Yea. Some stuff has to go. C: It was nice to follow the Digimon love and I still do, but I will only keep a few (or most) action figurines, which are mostly from Season 3/Tamers. (Though I remember having a Lilymom and a Veemon somewhere in my suitcase.) I'm not sure if I want to keep the big Kyubimons as well (one a medium-sized action figure while the other one is a Digivolving Kyubimon-to-Taomon action figure.

Keeping my pretty-looking Gargomon/Rapidmon though. Same goes for my Digimon beanies. (Herd that they are going $40!)

So yea. Still thinking on how to keep a nice tidy desk while still keeping some that I cheerish...

- Timer

P.S. For those who been to DA, I apologize that I throw my biggest emo-fit ever. The beginnings of 2011 is pretty much a harsh one with money issues and still unemployed. (And hate to being used without letting me keeping at least a portion of my money. :<)

P.P.S. I will not lie that I can still do chibi commissions for cheep FOR YOU GUYS! So I can get PayPal monnies and fans can have a chibi done by me! (AKA can possibly make the best furry-con badges too!)
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