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Survey Results

Thank you all for filling out the survey to those of you who did =3 <3 I've read through the results, made sure there were no doubles/spamming and checked over the suggestions box of each and every entry.
In total we had;
331 Entries from all across FA/Inkbunny/SoFurry
So many that in the end I had to make multiple surveys (Copy + pasted the same one) because they only allow 100 entries per survey.. I had 4 going on xD

The End Result of all the surveys added together was;

331 Total Votes
Number 1: 49
Number 2: 102
Number 3: 180

Which makes the Winner: Number 3

I was noticing that number 1 just didnt seem to be a favorite, it was always dead last, it seems people agree that Cenny could use something to make him a bit more unique compared to others, so near the end it became a competition of #2 vs #3

Now I've read over all the Suggestions/Comments box, many of you have said similar things which I've taken into account;

Many of you stated that the reason you disliked number 3 was because it seemed to "busy" while I can understand where your coming from I feel a tad different about it, I haven't added any colours into his design, no "special" markings that he didn't already have I simply expanded on the design from #2 and added the claw tips from those pawmarkings on his rear along some area's of his body.
With that being said; some of you also said it takes away from the "uniqueness" of the paws on his rear, Paws on the rear isn't super unique as it is.. I feel atleast.. and I havent added paws along his body, only the clawtips =>
Allot of you suggested changing his eyes.. I couldn't see why I would ever do that, that's one of the things people seem to enjoy most about Cenny

Many people thought #3 was overkill, but I have to disagree, some of the suggestions people tossed my way for editing #3 I will try out and possibly hold another survey but it seems like it won.

Overall #1 seems to appear a tad younger, and #3 has a sexy sorta tribal look about it, which I absolutely love xD

When it comes down to it, I held this survey to get peoples opinion because I intend on sometime in the near future, ordering a Cenny fursuit. Doing such would 100% finalize his design, and I had always had some issues feeling that he was super generic except for things like the bandana/pawprints.. but I wanted him to be more unique, especially if I had a suit, and it seems that the most unique design is the one that received the most votes.


331 Entries WITH 86 Journal Pimpages 331+86 =
Which leaves me at 417

So I went to Random.Org aaaaand... THE WINNER WASNT FOLLOWING ME D: AMGAWD! /fail ._. xD read the rules!!!
So I did it again.. went to random.Org and... this was the result;
http://s1124.photobucket.com/albums/l576/Cennybutt/?ac... Number 159!
Which iiiisss: *drumroll*
Found at Adam

I'll be noting him information about finding an artist and getting a pic with Cenny
Congrats to Adam!

Now! No complaining or whining >:O this is free art! Thank you all for your input! I have a feeling I will be holding another one of these short surveys to get a better consensus on some ideas you guys have tossed my way somewhat soon
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Added: 6 years, 5 months ago
6 years, 5 months ago
*whines any way*  XD  well I can't wait to see what is made with the new style. Im sure I'll grow to love it~<3  :3
6 years, 5 months ago
*complain and whines*

oh well... Let's snug snug! Get on Skype now!
6 years, 5 months ago
Number one couldn't have "always" been dead last.  I voted #1 as my second favorite.  ;)  I wouldn't say #3 was overkill (at least I hope that wasn't my word for it) I liked the simpler design of #2.  But in no way disappointed.  They both were just good simple additions to an already fun and awesome design.  Glad you got a lot of opinions to help with your decision.  Even happier that they leaned in favor of your preference.  XD

Awesome.  Looking forward to it all.  

Best wishes.  :3
6 years, 4 months ago
awwww well... congrats to the winner!
6 years, 4 months ago
Cool, I can't wait to see the new Cennybutt.
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