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Cruelty to animals

Well, human-like animals. Or... animal-like humans?


It occurs to me that I've been fairly cruel to my creations.

Ampersand was accidentally strangled with his own umbilical cord at birth, leaving him permanently mute. All he knows about his mother is that complications with her pregnancy with him caused her to die during the birthing process.

Sebastian is a genetic abnormality. Despite having normal-sized parents, he stands at 8'1" tall, and with a 3' long batdong, even scaled down he'd still be exceptionally large. He was constantly bullied and abused due to his appearance, suffering injuries that lead to both permanent physical scarring, and long-term emotional scarring.

My two newest characters haven't even made an official appearance yet, and even then I'm not exactly the kindest owner.

Randy, a surfer coyote kid, is an irrepressible ball of testosterone engaged entirely through his sex drive. Always chasing after women, and always failing spectacularly in the process. He's an adorable little fuck, but he gives off this "creepy stalker" vibe to any girl he tries to hit up.

Geoff, a pseudo-punk otter and Randy's best friend, is usually within arm's reach to provide cutting feedback on Randy's attempts to hit on women. He usually tells Randy to just give up, partly so his friend will stop being in the constant physical pain of being slapped around, but also partly because he has a serious crush on the 'yote.
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Added: 6 years, 8 months ago
6 years, 8 months ago
Well the first two seem pretty brutal, but the last two don't seem too bad (cruelty wise). But complications make for a good character. =3
6 years, 8 months ago
Well, Amp and Sebastian are at places in their lives where it's not such a big thing. Amp has been mute since birth, and he's lived with and accepted the knowledge that his mother couldn't be saved no matter what. Sebastian is an adult, and while he's still a very timid individual due to the bullying he endured, he's capable of dealing with it (that, and very few people who don't know him are willing to try to start something because of his sheer size).

With Geoff and Randy, it's sort of an ongoing thing. Randy simply CANNOT pick up any chicks. The ones that don't hit him are the ones that walk away after he smacks face first into the ground during an attempt to impress them. Geoff quietly endures the fact that the one guy he actually wants to be with has him permanently friend-zoned.
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