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My Day

This is nearly a journal to get the 9/11 thing off my profile.So as I was up all night on the computer (got up around 1:30 the day before,  cos my mail was in (windows 7) so I tried to install it on my 500 gig hard-drive but that needed reformatting so i got my bro trying to help we found out a 250 gig hard-drive I had plugged into a dock that dock into the computer the computer read that hard drive but when we tried to install W7 on that it didn't let us cos it was in a dock so i put it in the computer and well it worked i also have a 40 gig  hard-drive for a PS3/laptop  once i get a new keyboard (£10 off amazon)for my laptop (made the mistake of taking them out to try and clean under them that didn't work. if your gonna do that go fast or yer not gonna get em back in. ASUS have a rocker thing on their laptop keys better yet DON'T!  they are different to a normal keyboard mine is still clean cos i kept it in a plastic bag to avid that unsightly finger oil shine. and DO NOT buy a Technika keyboard that comes with a mouse because they will wear overtime I know this cos mine did anyway. getting off topic. so wads up all night at around 9:45 I cycled to the GVVT where i go on a Tuesday and weekends  I got there at 10:35 and signed in then signed out 70 minutes later  cycled to a nearby shop. bought some irn-bru, put two cans in my saddlebags, and  walked  top the point where I was halfway down between the McDonald's roundabout exit and the old railway bridge (Google maps 55.852781,-4.228505 to 55.855491,-4.202098) then i cycled the remaining 2 miles and stopped on the right hand pavement to do a bit of train filming https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_wZXtUjdUA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBUnBkAfpAw and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twiDFDGmt9k then I came home and helped mum a bit. I was surprised to see she got the Magic bullet 10 second meal thing (OK it wasn't magic bullet but it was a cheaper version of it)  before I went  to the computer. 10 minutes later  she told me to lie down and take a nap because I was falling asleep at the computer so i pulled out my USB WiFi thing and muted my speakers so I'd get no notifications and slept for 12 hours. I never thought about it till now i must have been tired. my photos from today are on  my profile. oh by the way, that last journal  was from the heart, one Skype contact said "Uhhhh your welcome and that's quite a journal  I'm sure your hamster would of wanted it this way, you out enjoying the day as best you could before coming home" he said you're welcome cos i ended the journal with "thank you for reading this, goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow. that line was stuck in my head at the time.  this would not pass for a 500 word essay  cos its not an essay and its the first thing since high school I've written with 555 words.(2842 characters)
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Wow that is just wow thats quite a day you had
6 years, 7 months ago
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