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Guess Where I Am Right Now [[copied from FA]]

I'm in Mountain View, waiting for 12:30 to roll by, so I can go to an interview at Petsmart!

Now, to really get what kind of treck I had to go to just get here, you need to go to google maps, put Fremont, CA as point A and Mountain View, CA as point B. That's long when it comes to a bus ride, and expensive as well. 8 dollars for two bus rides because I had to use two express buses. Hopefully my mother will pull through and put the 20 dollars she said she would give me, so I could find a way home, and hopefully get something to munch on later while I'm at it. I've got less than 8 dollars in my bank account (god I hope I finish the commissions soon) and i spent another 3 on some mango juice at starbucks.

I'm not a breakfast person per say (not much of a lunch person anymore either, apparently), but there's a taco bell down the street and I want me some white ppl mexican food! woo!

I haven't had a burrito in a while. But I gotta go easy, cause my ulcer problem is, what, less than a week in passing, so I don't want to like, spontaneously cumbust in pain or something like that. Cause that would really suck, especially since I'm so far away from home. The last thing I wanna do is call someone to pick me up. Then I would owe them gas money.


Oh, and to top it all off, I forgot some of my makeup at home. (Got up at 4:45 to get here at 7:49). I did however, bring my eyeliner and eyeshadow. Should I just throw that on and if they ask, say I break out if I put on that cover stuff, you know, to make your face all the same color and even. I hate that crap anyway. It's a bitch to get off with just soap and water, and I don't know where my makeup wipes are.

But look at this, I'm rambling. This is definatly a first. Well, I 'm just excited. I really hope I don't screw this up. I asked Michael (archangel) to guide me and not royally screw myself over. Grant it I'm not christian or catholic or anything, but still. I'm spiritually inclined and I don't feel as nervous as I should be. Maybe he's already guiding me. I didn't even get lost on my way here!

Props for angel-man! xD

Ok, I'll let you all go before I bore you too badly. Wish me luck! ^^
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Added: 8 years, 3 months ago
8 years, 3 months ago
gud luck

gha thats anoying , ya know here if u don't have a car or drivers license to get to ure work thats a maaaaaajor problem. Sure u can take public transportation but still they rather have u get there then too late of a bus strike or something.

Aaaaanyway , hope u got some work and some katching aswel :p
8 years, 3 months ago
good luck with the interview!!
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