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Minty Kitsune!

Writing this from my newly installed Linux OS, Linux Mint 13. I must say, though it does have a few rough edges thanks to being a fresh install (and I know relatively sod all about Linux), but I really like it.

I've tested other major distros on virtual machines and I like all of them. I pretty much drew one out of a hat to install to my netbook - also, thanks to advice from [icon]trashbunny[/icon], who seems to have opinions about certain other major distros. :D
Also, I love minty stuff. Hee!

Basically, my netbook came with the dismal Windows 7 Starter Edition. I wanted some experience with a full sized Linux OS, so I grabbed a few, toyed with them on VMWare, then settled on Mint. Which is what I'm using to write this journal. Though Win7 and Android (for some reason) are both sitting on the machine too if I need them.

There are quite a few features I love, and I have to say the multiple workspaces thing is just awesome. I've seen it in many Linux distributions, from SliTaz to Ubuntu, still don't get why it isn't a standard fitting for Windows. You'd think it'd be a requirement for enterprise operating systems at least. :D
If nothing else, this feature alone could convert me. That said, I grew up with Windows and MS-DOS, so I'll always have a current Windows OS available on my main machine.

Which brings me to another point. Many of you know I write my stories using Word.

At first, I used to convert them to HTML files, but of late I've had to just settle for Word, and in the past I've had complaints from users of other software suites (such as OpenOffice) about things not working.
If anyone encounters something that looks funny in a certain program, please let me know.

Unless you're trying to read things in Note/Wordpad or whatever. Get a real word processor, cheapskate. Seriously, Open/LibreOffice is free. >:P

I've always used MS Word, it's what I'm used to and it does have some great features. I generally keep things simple for my writing, as much as I'd love to just go all out and release a special edition of Tai's Story with all kinds of bells and whistles to make it pretty, because I want them to be viewable on every half-decent text processor/browser.

For example, I used to use a dark background and light text to reduce eye-strain for myself and readers (I do have to stare at that stuff for the hours I spend writing it, ya know!). It's only recently that I sucked it up and set all of that to the default colors, because I discovered that, while it worked fine as HTML on other websites, on InkBunny and FA, users of OpenOffice weren't getting the dark background for some reason. So it was light-grey text on a white background; a recipe for a headache.
So, though I guess I do have LibreOffice now, I won't be using it primarily, so if you use some other office suite or word processor, like Lotus or whatever, lemme know if anything is wonky.

I would just say "duh, change it yourself" but I'm a really, really nice guy. :D
Srsly, let me know if there are any compatibility issues. I use MS Office (and really like it, honestly) but I won't let their proprietary bullshit hinder me or my (potential?) fans. Rawr.

Also, why isn't this song/band on the radio here? And why can't I stop listening to it!?
If you're feeling a little down, click that link, watch that video.
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Added: 6 years, 7 months ago
6 years, 7 months ago
Welcome to the open source side of the fence.  Hope it all works ot for you. :)
6 years, 7 months ago
Eh, major fan of Firefox and other open-source initiatives. It's only now that I decided to make the jump from the OS I've been using since I was 7 years old or so and was pretty competent with, to something totally new.

Cool thing is, I'm loving the learning process. I should've done this a long time ago, and stuck with IT studies. :D
6 years, 7 months ago
Snazzy! I hope you like Mint~ Windows 7 Starter was the reason I put it on my netbook, too. I found it degrading as a computer user >_>
6 years, 7 months ago
Yay! Since starting to use Ubuntu at work on a secondary machine, I've kind of wanted a Linux machine at home, but I am a huge gamer and vastly prefer Windows on my main machine and my increasingly-ancient gaming laptop. Sooo once we finish an upcoming move to a new apartment and get our finances settled there, I plan to get a new laptop, install a version of Windows 7 that doesn't remind me of shareware crippling, and wipe the hard drive of my old laptop and install Linux--probably Ubuntu there too because it's what I'm now used to. XD
6 years, 7 months ago
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