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Losing faith in Furaffinity (Updated 2/1/11)

Yes, I am annoyed at the incompentance and slowness it takes to replace and bother fixing up code that even Pi and Eevee can likely fix rather quickly but nooo, Dragoneer doesn't want to allow access to the current shitty code because he thinks they will mock him in some way! What kind of bullshit excuse is that? Stop using fucking political bullshit to impede potential code improvements.

And yes, there has been numerous offers over the years but they were all shot down..as even if at least one was given the chance to fix the numerous security holes, the entire December exploiting would not have happened and you wouldn't have 40something people not hounding your ass for their leaked notes and several galleries wiped. I'm sorry but a simple "I'm sorry" will not cut it. They trusted you, and look where it got you.

When you have broken and buggy code, you fucking fix it immediately, not wait for a catastrophe such as Decembers to give you a wake-up call!

EDIT: Apparently you hired someone make the site look all fancy and flashy/Web 3.0ish, but that doesn't do anything to fix the underlying code. This is equal to giving a 75 year old hooker a major beauty makeover...giving a nice look to her on the outside but that does not help her arthritis, back problem, using a cane to get around and her false teeth.

Good job Sean and yak, I hope the FA's users wring you out to dry...unless they already have.

Note: Before anyone tells me "If you don't like it, use another site", I already do! I'm also on Inkbunny, Sofurry and Furocity but FA is currently my main.
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Added: 8 years ago
8 years ago
I've been sick of the site myself for a while now.  But most of the people I know are on there so I don't really want to leave.  As far as the December things goes it's just sad how he more or less tried to cover it all up.  He never really cared enough to post an explanation on FA.  Instead he just left that link to the LJ page.  That and he more or less ignored most of the questions on there because he either didn't wan to answer them or didn't want to repeat himself.  Though a lot of my issues go deeper than that whole issue.  Part of it is just the plain lack of not caring with anything.  Someone shouldn't have to wait almost a whole year for a TT to be answered or to have it halfassed and then ignored.
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