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OK, so. Short game review: PAYDAY.

Why? Because I've had no work for awhile now, so a payday is a day I won't be having for awhile. Also, after literally running around outside for two and a bit hours, I'm tired, so I'm gonna make my first update here in a little while to try and wake myself up.

I've got time, so I might as well take this chance to re-establish contact with y'all.

A certain awesome-person I won't name took the liberty of buying me both PayDay - The Heist and its recent DLC, and I think I owe it a brief mention here.

PayDay is a first-person shooter (like 90% of everything is) inspired by the movie "Heat" and heavily influenced by Left 4 Dead, by gaming super-giant of awesomeness, Valve.
It's made by the relative unknown developer "Overkill Software", a small Swedish company.

PAYDAY seems to be their one and only game so far, but it's a clear call to sit up and take notice of these guys, because this is well above and beyond what you'd normally think of as an "indy" game.
The developers definitely deserve respect themselves, getting involved with their game's community and actively responding to fans via Twitter and Steam forums - even when that means slapping down the occasional morons.

In brief, PAYDAY is a Left 4 Dead-esque co-op game, where the players control 4 professional criminals (or is that an oxymoron? Never was clear on that...) and undertake audacious heists, making off with millions, and battle hordes of police.
The game honestly is tedious in single-player, though that's obviously not what the game is intended to be. With responsibility diffused in multi-player, and intelligent, reliable humans to work with, I've yet to be really bored or annoyed in any level. Even when we get destroyed because of some dumb mistake, fifteen minutes into a heist.

It certainly does have its flaws, though no deal-breakers, and elite players would mock me for even complaining about some of them.
To be honest, though, I'm not complaining about the difficulty some of these "problems" cause. It's more that I just hate seeing little things like enemy AI that "cover fire has no effect!" on, but they're crack-shots so you end up suppressed instead. That's been a niggling annoyance of mine for a little while, but since the "heisters" of PayDay seem to absorb bullets into their aura of sheer testosterawesomeness (which is a thing I made up just now), it's not really a problem.

I do have to comment, however, that the enemies' extreme accuracy makes long-range tactics pure foolishness, and unless forced to do otherwise, eliminating enemies at close range is the obvious choice when it comes to avoiding damage. Hasty/counter ambushes in choke-points and such are the tactical kings of the game.

The game is obviously very intense, but can be a little too intense at times for beginners. A little more quiet to help you appreciate the storm would be awesome, might help you feel like you're doing a clever heist instead of smashing into a building penis-first and guns blazing.

If there was one, single, serious criticism I'd level at the game, it's this: there's one "stealth" level, and it breaks pretty much all the rules of "stealth" gameplay. By no means impossible, it's just too random and cumbersome to be really fun when playing with three douches you just met on the internet; hell, I've had better luck doing it on single-player.

That's really the only problem I have. There's no sneaky-bollocks side of things to bring the sheer guns-blazing intensity into sharper contrast. No real feel of a grand plan coming together. That might simply be outside the scope that the developers intended however. It really is just about four guys with equipment and guns walking into a place with a plan already laid out for them, and all the unfortunate police that try to stop them.

But there's shitloads more positivity to spew, so I definitely don't plan to dwell on that.
Firstly, considering I doubt many of the voice-actors are professional VAs, the voice-acting is superb. Better than, say, Dragon Age - though only just, and DA/Bioware is fuckincredible (another word I just, you know, made up; I'm getting good at that now, huh?) in other ways I'll discuss at a later date.
The characters have great, distinctive accents and speech patterns, giving the game a unique "flavor" while also letting the VA work come very close to triple-A titles.
If you've got an ear for accents and speech patterns, you can hear the Swedish accents showing through in places for some characters, which just serves to make the game more awesome. For some reason. I don't know, don't ask me; apparently people think our accent is awesome.

The music is very suitable, and pretty damn good too. Really can't wait to see it become available online. Graphics shine in some areas, are lackluster in some others, but that's really unimportant. If you look at Payday's graphics and feel it detracts from the game, then you're either spoiled (and need to be shown what it looks like when graphics really detract from a game) or a superficial wanker.

As with most games of the like, it features a neat selection of firearms, unlocked by completing "Heists" (levels) and objectives within them. Although the selection is nowhere near as comprehensive as, say, Rainbow 6 Vegas 2, it's still fairly neat. From the humble M92F to the "Blooper" M79 'nade chucker, you've got a fair choice of armament once it's unlocked. It's enough to keep you occupied until, say, ArmA3 or something that will shatter your skull with the sheer amount of guns available.

The co-op gameplay is fantastic, and definitely worth a look. This little FPS has gained a nigh-obsessive cult following, and I ain't surprised to see that.
If you're interested, and you're capable of ignoring the fact that this game is about essentially murdering fearless, selfless police officers with families in pursuit of riches as they try to rescue helpless hostages, then definitely check it out.

If I had to give it a "score" I'd give it an 8/10.
Buy it and support Overkill Software! :3  
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Added: 6 years, 5 months ago
6 years, 5 months ago
"professional criminal" isn't an oxymoron; "professional" just means you get paid for it. And it sounds like you do. Also, try reversing the order to "criminal professional" and see how many names come to mind... >:3

As for sneaking about and a grand plan coming together, I was suddenly reminded of how awesome the final missions in each section were for Sly Cooper 2 and 3, where every innocuous thing you did before falls into place.
6 years, 5 months ago
Good points... sadly. XD

You know, I've never played Sly Cooper. Bah. You'd think I'd be all over a game where you play a raccoon master-thief.
6 years, 5 months ago
PLAY SLY COOPER, DAMMIT.  It's FUCKING AWESOME.  I'm almost tempted to get a PS3 just because they're releasing a new Sly game for it.  Sly Cooper is one of the only reasons I keep my PS2 around (the other being Okami).  And no, it's not because I'm a furry, it's because they're BLOODY AWESOME GAMES.  PLAY THEM.
6 years, 5 months ago
I'm sure said awesome-person really appreciates anonymity.  :p

*loads up his M79, AK-74, and G18*  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, KICHI?!?  THERE ARE BANKS TO ROB!!!
6 years, 5 months ago
Holy shit you're alive! also you said y'all. I'm very proud of ya. I feel your pain on being outside for 2 and a half hours. Today in band we were outside for 8 hours.
6 years, 5 months ago
Haha, on the day I wrote this, I was outside playing tag/catch for 2 hours non-stop. Surprisingly awesome exercise. XD

And yup, I'm alive!
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