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My Belief on Opening Commissions

(Just tossing this on IB because it's something else I've been seeing in this community. People seem to want to open up commissions, but complain about not getting commissioners, they don't socialize, or stand out at all...and think nothing of it.....yeeeeeah no)

I was giving someone some amateur advice about commissioning and how to go about getting clients and someone told me the way I explain stuff is a bit harsh sometimes blah blah blah i'm being too mean as usual....


For those of us who have held a job you make a certain amount of money a week and when you get the nice fat ass check at the end of the day a lot of us like to make sure our money goes towards things we want, and things we need. That includes indulging in some nice fantasies and in furries cases buying artwork from artists in this community.

First off if you want to commission people you better appreciate the commissioner and especially their money because they are spending their hard earned money (probably) on your skills and work hoping to get a chance to see their ideas on paper (or digital canvas). Don't take this shit lightly because if you're just doing it because "that's what artists do" then I pity anyone who buys something from you.

Taking commissions isn't a "fad" (people seem to act like it is) a lot of other communities do it and everyone should take it seriously because it's not a fucking joke. If you're sitting around sad facing because nobody wants to buy your art then I suggest you start acting like you really want to draw and you're not doing it for a ridiculous popularity badge like this is the boy scouts of porn or something...

I've met someone a long time ago who started drawing and taking commission simply because he wanted to complain about having to do commissions. He even started a popular avatar meme that people liked for a long time but essentially he just wanted to draw to be popular.

Now I may be a jackass, douchebag, mean, rude, and too serious but even if I don't like some of my commissioners (I like almost all of them equally) I do not for a second lose the appreciation and gratitude for them giving me money when deep down I don't think very highly of my skill or my artwork...or myself (even though sometimes I feel awesome). It took me 22 years to develop a style all my own and perfect it to the point where I even THOUGHT I could do commissions for people and be paid to draw for others, and at first I didn't really care for the money, I just didn't know what to charge or how much it would be worth...even now I give discounts because I think I charge too much sometimes.

Before setting up shop I observed lots of artists here who have been doing this for years, especially some of my newer friends like  and  asking questions and all the while doodling to make sure my skills were sharp enough. I looked to my friends and strangers for opinions equally, I didn't make exscuses like "I'm not the type to go up to someone and just ask" or "I don't really talk to many people" bullshit, you have a lot of nerve asking for someones money but you don't have the balls to at least speak to them or ask them if they even WANT to spend money on you. (sometimes I wonder how people live their lives irl with these kinds of personalities)

I encourage anyone wanting to start commissions to handle it like an adult, observe your market and your target audience, know your community, and grab a fucking pair of balls and do your thing because it's not a joke. It's fun drawing for people once you get used to it but there is something you learn from it; Professionalism.

Yes...I said it, and I say it with the utmost seriousness, and you can call it mean, rude, harsh, or whatever it's the motherfucking truth...and as long as it's the truth I live by I don't give a rats ass how I say it....you're still reading this.

kiss the rings, i'm out
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Added: 8 years, 6 months ago
8 years, 6 months ago
this is very very very good
8 years, 6 months ago
The power of WORDS! mwahahaha
8 years, 6 months ago
o.o ...I'm still waiting for the "harsh" or "rude" part. That all made sense from a business perspective.
8 years, 6 months ago
That's the general opinion I get from people in streams, notes, and what have thee. I admit I am a bit harsh but this is exactly how people critique me irl and online and it helped me take things more seriously.
8 years, 5 months ago
8 years, 5 months ago
hahahaha yeah, there are people who believe their stuff is gold XD
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