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Religion Vs. Me....

I've been fighting this battle for some time now.  Unfortunately I have come to find myself held up in a small, strange town far from home which is also sadly a base for religious enthusiasts.  It is not uncommon on my drive home from work to see 2 or 3 different pairs of Mormons, or Jehova's witnesses working the town, beating the pavement and knocking on doors.

It was sometime ago that I had taken the time to establish for myself what I truly believe and when I found these answers I realized just how aggressive the war is for someone's mind.  It upset many; all of my family, it led to fist fights with former friends, and most co-workers I have mingled with over the years.  The more I realized how dangerously violent this subject was protected I became all the more compelled to protect myself and what has come to be part of my own identity.  

Now I feel it is more than fair to say for my own part that I perfectly content with allowing an individual to believe whatever it is they feel to be the nature of this reality and beyond.  I do not wish to start fights, and I do not seek out these conflicts.  I am however very direct in my nature and not compromise when someone has told me something so blatant as " You need to get right with god."

Now the reason I feel it is my duty to post this beyond all other reasons is perhaps there is someone out there who has or will experience similar problems in their life and maybe just to know you are not alone might bring you some comfort.  For the most part everyone seems to think that they are right.  Whatever it is they believe whether religious or not are firmly grounded in their perspective.

I can say that when I am engaged in these conversations which usually arise when someone is telling me just why their life is so wonderful and that they are here to offer me a piece of the pie.  Well first off, none of us actually knows what happens after you die.  Not one fuckin person.  This includes near death experiences, and even those who have said to witness miracles.  If we are going to approach this subject, I will be the first to say that I have absolutely no idea what happens.  It would bring me no greater pleasure than to hear the masses say the same thing.

I feel it is necessary to say that.  I have no clue what happens and there is not one person on this planet that does.  Because everything after that fact is speculatory, and I feel there are so few admitting to this, that I have labeled myself as an atheist.  Going from there, I say okay well let's establish what is not the case.  When I think of people like my own mother believing in things like demons, the devil, demonic possession, and taking things in the bible literally it makes for some serious eye rolls that I do my best to control.

Of course being a logical rational person it is hard to place this thinking in any sort of way that I can be okay with when my head hits the pillow at night.  When I am driving home and seeing church after church with different names and varying over only trivial minutia, I try to consider where this mentality is headed and why others can't seem to see it so clearly.

Okay so let's say that mormons got their way...... That's right everyone was mormon.... except China.  Would China be embraced or shunned?  Would their values and beliefs be respected or frowned upon?  I think the answer is obvious.  They would be seen as wrong and in time viewed as the enemy, needing saved and until such a time occurs they are untrustworthy.  

Now from there let's just assume China was converted and now all the world can join hands in the Mormon faith.  What then?  Well whether it was Mormonism, Catholicism, or Christianity the end result would be the same.  You wouldn't be Christian, or Mormon enough.  History points to this fact definitively.  When the world was catholic it gave rise to the Spanish Inquisition... and the crusades which led to such glorious times as the dark ages and further suppression of knowledge and science.  

When Christianity was running the show and most of the population in all known directions was agreeable to this, then came the Salem witch trials and even today bus loads of kids have their summers raped away in bible camp where if they read a harry potter book they are told that they are believers of witchcraft.  This should be noted.  This should upset more people.  

Maybe you agree maybe you don't.  I just know this.  You don't have the answers and neither do I.  I think this would be a better world if more people let that fact ring true.  I'm glad I got this out of my system b/c i have to go to my house tomorrow around the time that they are all coming home from church so I'll have to have my shield up.

Any comments on this rant are welcomed and encouraged negative or otherwise.    
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Added: 6 years, 4 months ago
6 years, 4 months ago
I agree with you that no one knows for sure what happens when we pass on.  We only know as far as what science can explain and no further, yet.  I grew up in a very religious setting and even from a young age I was questioning my faith.  I wondered "What if some other religion out there is right and we're the wrong ones."  I figured that it's all a game of chance and eventually we'd all find out like a huge gamble.  Yes I believed in God and all that but that thought always bothered me.

I think the reason we have religion is because we don't have the answers.  Before we had the technology to answer our questions, ancient people had to find some way to explain the world around them and rationalize the terrible shit that happened.  Like if the crops were bad one year or there was no rain, it was because they did something to anger the Sun God or something.  Now we do have the technology but a lot of people still hold on to those irrational beliefs.  I think it's for the same reason people still believe in silly superstitions.  It gets passed on by generation to generation and hammered into children's heads from birth.  I also think that in most religions if you question or doubt the existence of (All-powerful, omnipotent entity) or (Place of Eternal Reward or Punishment) then you most certainly would go to (Place of Eternal Punishment).  Not to mention the alienation they would face from their peers, like your Mormonism/China scenario.

Anywho, that's just my theory.  I don't know if the world would be a better place if we all admitted that we don't know what happens after we die.  Just like any mystery of life, people are naturally inclined to want to know the answer to the meaning of life and death and we'll all either repeat the process of coming up with some bullshit supernatural explanation or we'll use science to light the way and come up with something more logical.  If that makes any sense :\
6 years, 4 months ago
you make sense *hugs*  Thanks for taking the time to add your thoughts to this post.  I would have to say that i love to write and i know you do too.  For that reason i always try to read as much as i can and i read a book some time ago that I'm pretty sure examines that point you mentioned about ancient peoples perspectives being limited to salvation / damnation.  That book is called the Celestine Prophecy.

I am quite sure this is going to sound incredibly narcissistic and ego driven, but i never recommend material that isn't worth a healthy examination while also being incredibly cool.  The stories i found to be most compelling have a core issue of identity at hand and are routed in some sort of self examination on the go as the things happening to the person in the story never seem to go their way and how they deal w/ it.

Anyhow i would suggest this book and say that my being an avid reader does help push my talents into new realms and will hopefully one day allow me to reach a professional notoriety for my writings.  I mention that only for the sake that perhaps you have similar ambitions and might find that key strategy applicable to your pursuits.  Hopefully the dream will come true... one can only hope, but in the meantime if you willing to take a chance i would say that you would more than enjoy this read.
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