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So I'm thinking of going to Anthrocon this year, since I've heard mostly glowing reviews from everyone who's been there.  But I'm not 100% decided--still really nervous about the whole idea!  Baby's First Convention and all.

I'm mostly worried about not knowing enough people there, so I see folks I know for a few minutes and then spend the rest of the time milling around, looking at furry art (all well and good, but I kind of don't care about seeing furry art in person unless it's my friend's work or someone is drawing with/for me).  I'm told room parties are the bomb, but I don't like going where I'm not invited.  You must invite me over the threshold or I cannot enter.  Just like a vampire.

Basically I'm making myself sound like a fleshy bag of neurosis and sweat, which may be true, but mostly I'm wondering A) who is going to AC this year, B) who has been there in the past, and C) the experiences of people in category B.  Is AC worth the $50 and travel/hotel costs?  Will I have a lot of uncomfortable, awkward encounters with creepy guys (I am female in real life), or is that a fake idea?  Is anyone fun going who would actually hang around with me for more than a few minutes?  Anyone who wants to invite me to swingin' room parties?

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Added: 7 years, 10 months ago
7 years, 10 months ago
AC is fun!  i've gone every year for a while now.  it can be boring if you aren't with some friends or at least some fun acquaintances.  Creepy guys seems like a myth, at least i never ran into any, though i'm sort of a tallish guy with a beard so not exactly their target.  some dirty smelly types or ultra nerds are definitely around, they are harmless though and not too common.  lots of young people everywhere.  a lot of people having a bit too much fun, a bit too excited, mostly in the 'zoo' general hang out area, but it's fun to watch.  there is a small cartoon museum nearby (they had an akira exhibit last year!!) and a number of really good restaurants, you have to search a bit to find them.
7 years, 10 months ago
Lots of good info!  Thanks, man.
7 years, 10 months ago
I may be going to AC this year, but that depends a lot on whether or not I can get a job in the next month or so. So we'll see! I have been to it twice in the past forever, and I definitely did not regret a moment of it. Of course, I did hang out with people a lot before and after the con, and I did not have all that big transportation costs, which is really key. But it's definitely fun. People you know and who know you, in my experience, definitely don't mind hanging out for more than a few minutes, and depending on how well you click with someone, you can basically spend the entire con by their side. Also, AC is a really weird social microcosm, so even if you only meet one or two people you know in day one, I would guess word would spread fast of you being there (in a good way), and people'd seek you out. I guess what I'm saying is, that while I'm not zeroed in on your exact social standing and interactions. I'd bet somewhat that you would have an easy enough time finding people you know to attach yourself to and have fun with for the duration of the con, as well as get into a room party or two. I did both times anyway, and I'm not a well known artists who's good at what he does. :B And lastly on the subject of creepers, yeah, they totally exist, and I'm not a woman myself, so I can't really say if they'll go up to you. But they are few and far between, and I have dealt with them in the past. Don't worry so much about them, they can be easily shooed away. After all, if you make a big stink about them being a weirdo all up in your business, they're likely to have a pretty bad rest of the con, and I think most people are trying to avoid that.

I think the crux of whether or not you should go depends entirely on the cost of doing so, how long you'll be around, and how many people you know for sure will be there that you can confirm to hang with. Because I'll be honest, it's really fun, but if you're paying upwards of five hundred bucks to be there, and will only be there two or three days, with minimum friends confirmed... It may not be worth it. So I'd suggest looking into transportation and rooming right now, and definitely see if you can crash with a group of three or four or even more (depending on your threshold and the size of the room), as that will of course save you tons.

7 years, 10 months ago
Thanks for the tips!  Costs for me will probably be pretty high.  I might be moving further east before then, but unless I wind up truly on the east coast, it's gonna be $200+ just for the flight, plus whatever it costs for the room/food/etc.  It seems like just about everyone I'd be super excited to see is either not going or not sure if they are, so maybe this is a no-go this year. :/
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