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So how important is money? (Rant)

As I always do instead of anything productive, I was messing around on Cracked.com recently and came across an article than mentioned the movie "Blank Check."

Now, this movie is one I haven't seen in years, and it's pretty shit anyway. Basically, a kid finds a blank cheque... oh, I mean check. He uses it and some typical Hollywood computer ignorance to get bazillions of dollars. It's unfunny and honestly very stupid.

As the article points out, the sheer, sad fact of the matter is, the kid would be denied, and dragged back home for a beating. Or maybe even charged with fraud if the bank employed a bunch of humorless wankers. And, well, it's a bank. Of course it does.

But there's a little comment on the article that has always annoyed me. See, it's definitely true that money won't necessarily bring happiness. But telling people that money isn't important, and that it's not ones bank account that determines if you're rich, all you need are friends, etc...

That's really a pile of shit.

It reminds me of the guy on the radio in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas that tries to convince poor people that "the world needs poor people" and "we rich need the poor!" Encouraging them to take pride in their poverty and not try to improve their situations. Yeah, it was obvious satire in GTA, but sadly, all of these bullshit platitudes are basically the same thing.

The better morals to teach are that we shouldn't neglect family and friends over making EXTRANEOUS money. That human life is more important than making a few bucks.
Oversimplifying it like that is outright dangerous, and honestly, a little insensitive.

Do you think poor people are actually happy with their life? That they wouldn't want to stop being poor? Poverty is a serious fucking problem. Aside from the obvious things, it's the little things it does that result in complete and total fucking hell.

Without money, you cannot travel -- such as not being able to afford a car. This impacts social interactions with family and friends.
Without money, you cannot go out. This impacts social interactions with family and friends.
Without money, you struggle to eat, keep power, gas and water to your house. Hell, to keep your house.
You're fucked the moment your kid catches a nasty disease.

Since it's usually idiots and children who talk about how "we don't need money" they usually aren't aware of how expensive things are, or even how many different things people have to juggle financially when they're looking after themselves, or worse, a family. That's not easy, bucko.

There's a reason there's a correlation between poverty and crime rates. I don't just mean theft and stuff - after all, they may be stealing to keep themselves alive, right? Well, not necessarily, but maybe.
I'm talking about the conflation between poverty and violent crime, rape and more.

What this ultimately comes down to is, not having enough money can actually kill friendships, tear families apart and doom you to a life of ineffable shittiness that spirals endlessly into a black void of pointless existence.
So where are your happy-go-lucky platitudes now, you privileged suburban princesses?

Hey, let's be fair here: most of this shit is perpetuated by Hollywood screenwriters and shit who make $150,000 US a year from scratching their asses and writing uninspired cliche-ridden bullshit for children to force themselves to enjoy or suffer social stigma-- assuming of course, their parents can afford the movie. Not the kinda people you want to be listening to when they tell you that you don't need money (see: the guy from GTA: San Andreas).

Apologies if I rammed a stake through anyone's childhood innocence, but hey! You can get it back by going down to the store and buying some candy, a few kids movies on DVD and a nice book.

Yeah, that should take maybe one or two days of working at minimum wage to pay off. Not too hard. Enjoy your night.
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Added: 8 years ago
8 years ago
it is allways hard to say -_- but without money...
you have no choices in live ... as cub you didnt see the problems from the adults!
but if you are in a secound level in age... you learn the problems without *meow*

i wish we could live without money ... or baying for all and everything *dream of a better world* =^~°=
8 years ago
My thoughts on money: What is money? Money by definition, is that it is a federal note. To me, it is suppose to be a measure of the workforce, and what they produce. Currency is only valued by how much something is worth. If people all together stopped using money, the dollar it’s self would most likely disappear into worthlessness.

But since that won’t happen, what can we do with money? What is it’s worth? It’s worth is whatever we make of it as a society. Unfortunately, money is abused by credit card companies, and others who think they are getting more value out of people by straining them of cash. When in reality, the only thing of worth is the possessions they all have.

Value is a big key word here. What is a precious thing to have? What can be done with it? Money is generally a valueless item. The reason I say this is not because it really isn’t valueless, but because of the values we all put on it. And also, because the value is always changing. So why is it always changing? Is it broken? Probably. Could be commodateing for the lack of supplies or the surplus of other in some distance country.

I’d like to take a toy plushy to make an example out of. a plushy is bought by money. A federal notice and acknowledgement  that somebody has worked to help the world go around. They are awarded with money, so they can buy things of value, thus making the world go ‘round in return. Suffice to say, money has value, yes. However, it is only as flexible as the system that commands it.

It’s such a sad thing that it’s being taken advantage of. debt should not exist, it shouldn't be a natural thing. Then again, we are played against by our natural greed. It’s the system I hate, not the money. money is important for measuring work in the world, and that is what it does. I wish it were more simpler, but things just complicate it all.
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