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Story preview:D

This is my first crack at writing a story and I wanted to share what iv written so far with my followers>:D

Chapter one- The Birth of a Demon
By Deablo Reyes

I awoke flouting in a world of shadows confeued and scared but for some reason I couldn't remember how I had gotten hear. I tried to think of the last thing I remembered but everything was very hazy then I started to remember something. I was walking down some street in my new home of San John, Puerto Rico, since me and my parents had just moved hear but I had been there many times since my dad is Puerto Rican and had grown up hear, he had taken me many times through my chiledhood and adolescent years to visit our family at the island, I was just starting to get used to my new home and I had decided to go walking around Old San John in hopes of getting used to the city faster. It was night time and as I sed before I was walking down some street but then as I was walking by an alley I was forcefully pulled into the alleyway by some cholo looking wolfs. They smashed me hard agents the brick wall of the alleyway then one of them pulled out a sharp looking nife and moved it uncomferaly close to my thick furred neck. Look what we have hear sed the wolf holding the nife to my neck, don't cha know it's danger us to walk the streets of San John all alone at night especially in my gangs territory gringo he sed again as him and his buddy laughed menisingly at me. It was safe to say That I was scared out of my fucking mind but I held my grouned and resisting the erg to not fold my ears back, I'm sorry I didn't know please let me go sir I promise I'll leave your gangs territory and never come back. But as I sed that to him he just grined at me evilly and sed O I know you won't be coming back hear again gringo our ANYWERE ells again he sed as he suddenly and quickly slid my throat. HUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I sed as I just snapped myself out of my memory, I was breathing hard as it know hit me as to what happened to me I could still recall the the pain and fear as my neck gushed and bleed out as I started to fall to the floor of the alleyway as I saw my attackers just laphing at what they had done. I can't believe it...............I'M DEAD!

I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead I kept repeating to my self as I just floted in this shadow world. I just can't believed that this had happened! I mean what would happen to my Mom my Dad? They would be devastated that their only chiled had been murdered by two thugs at the young age of 20, that their big little brown mix wolf pup was gone from their lives. "Well their is a way for you to come back to them but you would haft to unlock your true powers and then defeat me as well" sed a loudly voice from all around me. Who's there? I sed to who ever was there, "You of course or to be more exact I'm your past self" My past self? I sed, yes your past self sed the voice. Ok so where are you PAST SELF! I sed rather loudly only to hear my words eco around me in this eternal darkness. "I'm wherever you want me to be this is your world after all" My world? I sed quit shockingly, What do you mean my world? "I mean this is the world that exist inside your mind your SOUL! You idiot know try to invition me right in front of you before I run out of patients chiled". Ok I sed rather nervously but how am I supost to invition you in front of me when I don't know what you look like? I sed frustratedly, "just invition me with your heart and I will appear!" the voice sed rather loud and impatiently, Ok, ok I sed, so I began to concentrate as I closed my eyes and tried to invition the "past me" with my heart
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